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CD Review: New Music From Northern Ireland – Planetary Group

I would never have guessed but it seems as if a lot of very cool bands are coming out of Ireland these days. Not that I ever thought Ireland couldn’t produce a great crop of bands, but it just seems as if there is a very high proportion of great bands making their way from the Emerald Isle these past few years and not enough writers have actually noticed. I add myself to the list, because until I received this great new comp I had taken a lot of these bands for granted and not really knew where they originated. Turns out Ireland is emerging as one of the more fertile regions for new music, taking the place of England, where we have traditionally found our imported pop music.

This double CD set features music from Snow Patrol, Oppenheimer, The Tides, Ash, The Divine Comedy, Boxcutter and a host of other artists and bands. While each band has their own sound, their common roots of coming from working-class Ireland shines through in their music. Accessible with lyrics that speak to you on your level, these bands understand their origins and make rock music which can speak to the everyman. Erin Go Rock!

3.5 on the Scott-O-Meter