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CD Review: Oracle and the Mountain – s/t

oracle-and-the-mountain-webBased out of Memphis, TN, Oracle and the Mountain are beginning to build a pretty good name for themselves on the indie music circuit here in the mid south. Their debut CD “Oracle and the Mountain” is an interesting, eclectic mix of modern indie rock, with good pop sensibilities, classic rock and southern rock. The band, comprised of Dale Naron on keyboards and guitar, Chris Moore on guitar, Tim Blais on bass, and Josh McLane on drums, weaves through a variety of styles on their debut CD. The result is a fascinating mix of hard edged rock music that sounds unique, despite the influences one can pick up on listening to the album.

The opening track, “Danny’s Dream”, is a perfect example of the blend of styles the listener can come to expect when listening to this album. Opening with keyboards reminiscent of “Clocks” by Coldplay, the vocals come in to play, harkening other modern rock influences (Switchfoot, perhaps?), that let you know that this band is anything but a Coldplay clone. The song builds into a crescendo with a hard edged rock sound and a great melody, that is sure to get stuck in your head and have you hitting “repeat” over and over again on your ipod or CD player.

“Danny’s Dream” finishes, and you think you have this band figured out. But then they move into a brief instrumental interlude called “Oh Jezabel” that harkens back to 70’s progressive rock. And from there they move into the dark “Here’s to Your Destruction”, with low grinding guitars and guttural vocals that scream bitterness from the song’s character towards an ex lover. You’ve gone through 3 different songs, and had 3 different song writing and musical approaches. It’s a surprising approach from a new band, but it’s one that works! These guys can flat out rock, and they have the talent to pull off whatever musical style they want to indulge in.

Oracle and The Mountain’s music can be heard streaming at their myspace page (just go to myspace and search Oracle and The Mountain). Information on buying their CD can be found there as well, or by contacting the band via myspace.

If you have been bored with a lot of the music you’ve been hearing lately, give these guys a listen! They are quite impressive, playing a blend of rock music influences that you don’t hear all that often these days.

This reviewer’s rating: 3.75 stars out of 5. A band which definitely has a bright future!