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CD Review: Orden Ogan “Easton Hope”

When you think of German power metal one band immediately springs to mind. Primal fear.

Well, here may be a band who are about to steal their thunder.

Orden Ogan formed way back in 1996 and released three demo tapes over the next three years, until 2004 when they unleashed their debut album “Testimonium a.d” to very positive feedback from the metal press.

Fast forward to this offering (their third), and it is clear to hear this is a band who have created a unique sound. Fusing huge operatic moments (“Requiem”), with the tried and tested formula of powerful vocals, machine gun drumming, and swathes of harmonious guitars.

Of all the eleven tracks on offer here it really is hard to pick a duffer. After “Rise and Ruin” sets up the album beautifully, “Nobody Leaves” delivers a crushing blow that continues through to the epic “Welcome Liberty”, and does not stop until closer “Of Downfall And Decline”, which is mind blowing to say the very least.

Orden Ogan have created a album that takes you on a journey of discovery. From the gargantuan and operatic vocal melodies to the almost thrash metal outbursts, “Easton Hope” is definitely a journey you do not want to miss.

Aaron Phillips