CD Review: Peppermint Creeps – “We R the Weirdoz”

They’re wacky, quaky, and a bit weird. They are the Peppermint Creeps. Since 1997, this glam rock group has been rocking it weird and loud. If Kiss and Motley Crue mated, Peppermint Creeps would be the result. Their flashy neon colored face paint sets them apart from the rest in the glam rock scene. Over the years, the group fluctuated from a four to a three-member band. Traci Michaels, drums, vocals, Macy Malone, vocals, guitar, and Billy Blade on bass, make up their most recent line up. Sadly, Traci Michaels passed away last June 13th of an undetermined cause. Peppermint Creeps glam rock sound will live on forever!

Macy Malone sings the hell out of all the tracks. “Broken Dollz” is a creepy funny song that sounds like an anthem for those of us who grew up a bit dysfunctional. Peppermint Creeps meaningful track, “Life”, is one of their softer sounding songs. Macy Malone’s sweet sounding guitar solo in the beginning of the song sets the mellow mood.” Life” is the track that touched a chord in me this week. I am just in one of those mellow moods.

“Pop Culture”, Peppermint Creeps anti-pop culture song, slams everything from American Idol to Britney Spears. There is definitely nothing wrong with making fun of Britney Spears. This song pokes fun of everything. Peppermint Creeps leave nothing sacred. I like that in a band. If you are easily offended, get over it. It is only a song.

Again, I found myself jumping around in my apartment. I was rocking out even harder than I did last week with Peppermint Creeps. I see why the kids love this band. “We R the Weirdoz” is most excellent. The rare “magic” I mentioned before IS in this album. Listen to it. I promise you will not be disappointed. This album simply rocks.

Andy Anzaldua

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