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CD Review: Race to Neptune “Oh Contraire”

Fort Collins, Colorado is home to the band Race to Neptune, a group that features several different styles of Rock and Roll together that helps to create their music. The band is comprised of Brian Maier on guitar, vocals; Vanessa Freese on drums; Ken Cavanaugh on bass, vocals and Zach Berger on guitar. Together, this foursome creates a sound that features multiple forms of Rock and Roll flowing through it. Because of the multiple styles of Rock and Roll flowing through their music, Race to Neptune has created an album of original music that seems to change from one track to the next. The band recently recorded a debut album. That album is entitled Oh Contraire.

Oh Contraire from Race to Neptune begins with the track “Wanderlilly”. The band creates a track that features a strong Alternative Rock feel to the music. The track brings back some of the best elements of the genre from the mid-nineties. The track begins with a mellow approach before the band takes the music into overdrive by adding a lot more energy to the song. “Wanderlilly” does have a very dated feel to the music, but it still is a strong track that kicks the new release from Race to Neptune off with a ton of energy.

The band kicks up the energy on their next track called “Cigars and Celebrations”. The track effortlessly takes the musical feel of the band The Police and mixes it with a lot of Alternative Rock. The groove created with the influence from The Police is then seamlessly pushed aside for a much stronger and more aggressive Alternative Rock feel to the music. The resulting track is an outright jam that features one of the strongest bass solos I’ve heard in a long time. The alternating between the two different musical mindsets in the track help make a song that never stays in the same groove long enough to become stale. “Cigars and Celebrations” is a very solid track.

Race to Neptune changes the feel of the music for the song “Threes and Fours”. The lighter, somewhat slower pace of the track matches up well with the lighter, almost acoustic-like sound to the guitar on the track. The light feel of the music lasts for the majority of the track before the band increases the intensity a bit more the end of the song. “Threes and Fours” and its lighter musical approach gives the listener a different sound by the band to enjoy.

With the next track, Race to Neptune once again changes the style of their music. On the track “Bulletful of Piss,” the band takes their music back into the seventies for the type of Rock and Roll that would have been perfect for headphone use. “Bulletful of Piss” features guitars creating a very strong and catchy melody that is built up with the guitars blending the melody and harmony parts to make a track that is much better to listen to with your headphones on. The music on the track features so many fascinating elements blending together that the headphones help you catch every musical moment. “Bulletful of Piss” is the strongest track up to that point on the Oh Contraire release.

Race to Neptune continues their Oh Contraire release with the track “Iron Satire”. Just like “Bulletful of Piss” before it, the band creates yet another track that is much better experienced with your headphones on. The sound of the track brings to mind the lighter side of the band Queensryche. In fact, while the lyrics may not fit with the rest of the storyline, “Bulletful of Piss” contains a musical style that would have fit right in with other tracks on that band’s Operation: Mindcrime release.

Oh Contraire continues with the track “Constant Collapse”. Having already experienced many other styles from the band, the fact that “Constant Collapse” contains a very strong Rush-like guitar-based Progressive Rock sound should not surprise anyone. The track makes good use of the Progressive Rock style and creates yet another one of the strongest moments on the album.

With their Oh Contraire release, Race to Neptune gives the listener many different styles of music on one album. As each of the tracks contains something good that the listener would enjoy, it’s hard to review each track without writing a review that goes on forever. The multi-layered album offers something for everyone who enjoys listening to Rock and Roll. Take a listen and you will agree.

To check out the music from Race to Neptune, check out their song “Wanderlilly“.

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