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CD Review: Rebel House Radio “One More Day”

Rebel House Radio is a Los Angeles-based duo made up of multi-instrumentalists Mike Mangan and Mike Blumberg who play all of the music themselves. The band combines several genres of music together to create a style that feels very inclusive. From one track to the next, Rebel House Radio sounds like a completely different band. That form of variety comes alive on the band’s new release entitled One More Day.

The new release from Rebel House Radio begins with the track “Can’t Say No”. The track begins with a simple beat on the bass and drums and features a strong Rock and Roll feel. The guitars and organ blend easily together to form a track that feel both modern and retro at the same time. The over-simplified lyrics on the track seem to make the listener pay more attention to music and that’s just fine as Mangan and Blumberg create a track that is as strong as it is.

The track “Soul Remedy” features a Blues-Rock sound that will remind the listener of a strange combination of The Black Keys and Canned Heat. The use of both the electric guitar and the organ creates a song that completely fills the listener’s ears with musical pleasure. The track is one of the strongest on the new release from Rebel House Radio.

With the track “Wasted,” Mangan and Blumberg slow the pace of the album down a little. The use of the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the track gives the song a different feel than the tracks that preceded it. While the duo keeps the slightly easier feel of the track through the 4-minute song, the acoustic guitar gets replaced with the electric guitar and the organ. The easy pace of the track ends up giving the track a jam-band kind of feel.

One More Day from Rebel House Radio continues with the title track. “One More Day” begins with the combination of the clicking of drumsticks and the harmonica. The resulting Blues-like sound of the music creates a track that will remind fans of early British Invasion songs. The duo quickly adds more elements to the track to create a song that has a strong Rock and Roll feel.

The album continues with the track “Give My Time Away”. This track is quite different from many of the other songs on the release as Mike Mangan and Mike Blumberg take the song in an acoustic direction. The folk-rock feel of the song shows a gentler side to the band but that does not mean that the duo didn’t rock any less on the track.

After the easier approach on “Give My Time Away,” Rebel House Radio adds just a little more energy with the track “Accident” as the duo brings back a little of the Blues to their music. The Blues mixes well with a Rock and Roll style on the track. The track also features a guitar solo that contains a lot of smoke before the band transitions the song into a jam. The song changes styles throughout its six-minute playing time and that helps to show off the talent of the duo.

One More Day continues with the song “Had It All”. The track begins with a guitar riff that is very reminiscent of something from Jack Johnson before that Johnson influence is added to other influences. The Frank Zappa-like lyrics and vocals add an unusual element to the track. Those vocals, along with the feel of the music, make the song feel like something that could have been part of the musical library of Frank Zappa.

The release comes to a close with the track “Twister”. The instrumental track features a strong electric guitar feel inside of music that blends together Jazz and Rock And Roll. Ultimately, the track feels like the two musicians took a large amount of influence from Booker T. and the MGs and simply added a lot more energy to the style. The track of “Twister” features a very heavy groove that will have the listener bopping along to the music.

On One More Day from Rebel House Radio, the duo of Mike Mangan and Mike Blumberg blend many different styles together. The Rock, Blues, Jazz and other influences come together to create an album that shifts from one musical direction to the next during the fourteen tracks. The resulting album from the band is one you need to put on and simply let play out. And while each track has a different feeling, that simply proves the talent of the musical duo. One More Day is a solid album.

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