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CD Review: Rocket 3 “Burn”

Portland-based band Rocket 3 is a three-piece rock outfit that features the playing of Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ramune Nagisetty; Drummer Drew Anymouse and bassist Tony Guzman. Each of the three musicians found their way to Portland from different parts of the country only to discover each other in Portland and from there they put together a band that combines different genres of rock and roll to create their sound. Rocket 3 is currently promoting their current album entitled Burn.

Burn from Rocket 3 begins with the track “Fate”. The track is a strong rock track that adds a little bit of flavor from a band like the Ramones. The track also picks up a little New Wave Rock feel from a band like Blondie to create a track with a lot of depth as well as mass appeal.

The album continues with the track “Catch Me”. Rocket 3’s guitar/singer Ramune Nagisetty and the rest of the band seem to have been influenced by the pop side of rock and roll as the track “Catch Me” has a much larger amount of “pop” influence than the first track of the release. “Catch Me” has a very catchy, light feel to the music as well as a musical hook that will easily have the listener hanging on to each note. The track would easily be found on Top 40 radio whereas “Fate” would be better classified as Hot A/C.

The new release from Rocket 3 continues with the track “Good Enough”. The track brings out the stronger side to the band’s rock side while it also brings back the feel of rock music that was being played on college radio back in the eighties. You can hear the influences of bands like Blondie in the music but there is also some influence from bands like Bananarama and others.

The album slows down a little bit on the track “Never Again”. “Never Again” sets itself apart from the rest of the songs on the album as the track features a much softer, easier pace to the music. Where the earlier tracks focused on a harder side of rock and roll, “Never Again” finds its sound deeper in pop-rock.

The track “Ride” picks up the pace of the music once again and Rocket 3 brings out the harder side of their musical influences for this track. While some of the other tracks on the Burn release have been built up to include several guitars in the music, “Ride” feels more like three musicians creating the track. The guitar, bass and drums set-up on the track help solidify the rock and roll created by Rocket 3.

“Jealous Girl,” another track on the Burn release from Rocket 3 finds the band creating a track that is power-pop. Like the track “Ride” before it, “Jealous Girl” brings the trio feel of the band to life. The pop influence in the track is unmistakable. The fun, bouncy feel to the track is provided by drummer Drew Anymouse and bassist Tony Guzman who work together on this track to create that energetic rhythm. The light vocals by Ramune Nagisetty add to the power-pop feel of the song.

Ramune Nagisetty once released her own music as a solo artist. The track “Mountain Song” allows her to explore that solo sound once again as the track features only Nagisetty and her guitar. The easy pace to the song and the solo setting of the track make for a very intimate track on the album.

Rocket 3’s new album features many different original tracks that show off the talent of the musicians that bring the album to life. But the album also contains a few cover tracks that show off the band’s ability to take someone else’s music and make it their own. While the three cover tracks are all strong, the best of the covers may just be “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” a track originally created by the Velvet Underground. The band creates one of the strongest moments on this track and shows off their ability to rock.

Burn from Rocket 3 is a strong release from the very beginning. Ultimately, the music on the album has a different feel on each track. That different musical direction for each track means that the players on the album are rather versatile to go along with Ramune Nagisetty’s songwriting ability. While easily outside of today’s radio formats, the Burn album from Rocket 3 contains many strong tracks and each track shows off the talents of each member of the band.


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