CD Review: Roots of Creation – Live Vol.1 (Harmonized Records)

As you may have guessed from the name of the band, Roots of Creation specializes in the roots-riddims of reggae with a decent helping of jam-band and dance music thrown in for extra pleasure. It’s a compelling mix of genres that are quite similar, yet each have their own distinctive elements.

That the band has mastered these intricacies without just becoming slavish copycats makes this more of a cohesive statement instead of a mish-mash of styles or a genre exercise. In fact, I find Roots of Creation has managed create an album that bolsters both genres and may possibly create an avenue where fans of these styles may be able to embrace the other elements.

No doubt new bassist Chris Beam has been an influence in this area, as his background includes much electronic/trance music which no doubt fuels that band’s explorations into dance though, make no mistake, the band’s rock/reggae/jam flavor is most prevalent with the electronic dance elements adding a spice not usually found in bands of this type. Great stuff.

4 stars on the Scott-O-Meter


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