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CD Review: Ryan Powers Boyle- S/T

Singer-songwriter Ryan Powers Boyle is celebrating the release of his new self-titled album on Far And Away Records. On the new release, you’ll find topics such as faith, love and observing the world around you. Some of the tracks on the album like “Yesterday,” “A Girl and A World” and “Far And Away” feature an alternative-rock feel, while songs like “It’s All Beautiful, It’s All So Strange” and “The Cell” have more of a folk-rock feel.

When it comes to writing lyrics to songs, most of the time it seems like the composer of those lyrics just throws words together to form sentences; the words don’t really have anything in common with each other except for the fact that they form a rhyme. Very rarely will you find a composer in today’s musical world who takes the time to create a story within the lyrics of a song. But with singer-songwriter Ryan Powers Boyle, his songs feel like poetry set to music; each song he writes seems to tell a tale. It is his poetry-to-music approach that has found its way onto his new self-titled release. Two examples of this are his songs “A Girl and A World” and “A Matter of Miles”.

On “A Girl and A World,” Ryan Powers Boyle tells a story of when he met a lady when he was on a cruise. You can almost see the situation unfolding as you listen to the narrator sing.

And on “A Matter of Miles,” you hear of a woman who is the beginning stages of labor. She meets up with a driver who has to take matters into his own hands in order to help the woman deliver the child. Although the rest of the release is not religious in nature, the words for “A Matter of Miles” read like something out of The Bible.

While no one is physically mentioned as musicians in the packaging for the album, the musicianship is very good. The combination of the playing abilities on the album along with Ryan Powers Boyle’s singing and songwriting all work well together to create the ten songs included on the artist’s self-titled release.

The ten tracks that make up the album combine to create a running time of over an hour of music. While about half of the songs are of radio-friendly length, the remaining songs well exceed the five-minute mark. In fact, “A Matter of Time,” “Through This Life,” and “I Can See” all approach or surpass the ten-minute mark. The release seems to be set up in such a matter that the first half features songs that are of average length, and the second half features the tracks that are much longer.

Staying in step with the trends in the last decade from the recording industry, the self-titled release from Ryan Powers Boyle happens to include a cover song in its tracking: on the album, the musician includes a creative interpretation of “Chapel of Love,” a song originally made famous by The Dixie Cups. The arrangement of the song fits well with the rest of the tracks on the album.

All of the elements on Ryan Powers Boyle’s new release come together perfectly to create an album that is highly entertaining and fun to listen to. The musician is currently celebrating the release of his self-titled album. Other big things should be coming from Ryan Powers Boyle, so stayed tuned.

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