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CD Review: Sandi Thom “Merchants and Thieves”

 Sandi Thom is an indie folk pop singer from the north Eastern side of Scotland who moved to London, England in 2004 to pursue songwriting. Her musical journey began  with 2006’s Smile It Confuses People. Sandi Thom began her way to stardom with the single “I Wish I was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)”. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to listen to her 2010 album Merchants & Thieves. Her sound is a mixture of Blues, Bluegrass, and American Southern Rock.

            The title track, “Merchants & Thieves,” is a nice instrumental. The music reminds me of driving on the beautiful countryside during the sunset. Although Sandi Thom has a nice voice, I’d say singing would have ruined it. I love the way it gradually grows and fades off like waking from a dream at the end. This is my favourite track from the album.

            On the deluxe version of the album, the two mixes of “The Ol’ World (Featuring- Joe Bonamassa)” are equally amazing. I’m astonished how the way the sound is mixed gives the song a different feel. The first mix of the song is strong and powerful. I get the feeling of a woman who has had it… with this ol’ world. The Sunset Marquis Version has the feeling of the band jamming together for fun.

            “The Sadness,” track number four, is one that is true and dear. The song sings about missing “my man.” I feel she is singing about making a mistake and her man leaving her. Don’t we all have this feeling? If I was this woman, my man better damn well forgive me or else. LOL. In all seriousness, I love the sad sultry voice and beat of this lovely song to listen to.

            “Belly of the Blues.”  We all have them. We all were down this road. We all feel the need to take people down with us when we are blue. I feel this when I hear this track number 7. I imagine this how one feels when they have hit rock bottom. This is the epitome of a blues song plain and simple. I recently was reminded of a heart that has no forgiveness. That is the bluest of the blue and is the message I get when I listen to this powerful and somber track.

            I sense the legendary spirit of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn in Sandi Thom’s music. Merchants & Thieves is a must have in your music collection. I can write and write about all the tracks, instead you have to listen and make the judgment on your own. I am very excited to see her future albums on her musical journey..

One reply on “CD Review: Sandi Thom “Merchants and Thieves””

Im not sure if we have listened to the same album.
This effort is full of cliches and hammy lyrics.
As a beside to Bonamassa appearing on Thoms album, Its no doubt related to the fact that Her imminent marriage was cancelled after she appeared as a vocalist on his tour then announced she was romantically involved with Bonamassa.
Go Figure.

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