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CD Review: Seabird – Till We See The Shore (Credential Recordings – Musebox)

Some pundits are already lavishing praise on the band as something akin to the wildly successful Coldplay, but I have always felt that when promising new bands get compared to top-selling acts it’s almost like a millstone around their necks. Not only are most of the comparisons not going to be correct, but the band then has a hard time living up to the hype as people expect their albums to be masterpieces right out of the gate.

Hopefully these statements won’t ruin the band as there is definitely a lot of talent going on with this group.The band consists of brothers Aaron (keys, vocals) and Ryan (guitar) Morgan, as well as Chris Kubik on bass and Aaron Hunt on drums and formed in 2004 when they entered a local “battle of the bands” competition. This is the band’s first album to be released nationally and they couldn’t have gotten better help, enlisting Jacquire King (Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Tom Waits) and Allen Salmon (Mute Math) to oversee the project.

The band has a very upbeat pop sound, which boasts some great choruses and hooks to die for. I don’t know if it is just the redemptive quality present in a lot of the songs of this record, but I enjoyed it quite a bit and am really looking forward to the band’s next project.