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CD Review: Shaolin Temple of Boom “The Equinox”

The best bands out there right now take the best stuff from the current music scene and combine those elements with elements from other periods in rock music. With the combination of different elements, you can keep your music fresh while keeping the current music trends from becoming stale. One of the bands in the modern day music scene that has taken to using the best elements from today and yesterday is Shaolin Temple of Boom.

Shaolin Temple of Boom is a band from the Los Angeles area of California. The band is comprised of David Alvarez on Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Piano, Programming; Borja Rodriguez on Guitars; June Kato on Bass with Matt Lucich and Lior Dar on Drums. Shaolin Temple of Boom creates their music by taking some alternative rock and combining it with elements of techno while at the same time incorporating some elements from classic rock artists. It’s this combination of elements that makes the music of Shaolin Temple of Boom so interesting and accessible to many different fans of rock music. And to get their music out to more music lover, the band has just recently released their new album called The Equinox.

The Equinox by Shaolin Temple of Boom begins with the song “After The Fall”. The song takes a large amount of industrial rock sound and combines it with a hard rock/heavy metal feel to create a song that gives rock lovers something great to lead off a very strong release of a band that needs to find a large fanbase.

“Relentless Fixation” is the second song on The Equinox by Shaolin Temple of Boom. The song has a style that could remind the listener of Nine Inch Nails or, even more specifically, Filter.

With “I Would Destroy,” Shaolin Temple of Boom takes the album in a slightly different direction. The song is a piano-driven combines a large amount of industrial rock feel with a classic rock feeling. The song could suggest a sound of Bowie combined with Soundgarden.

“Last Day of the Sun” is one of the strongest moments on the album. David Alvarez and the rest of Shaolin Temple of Boom seem to be channeling the spirits of both Soundgarden AND Filter on this track.

It is with  “Always, Everything,” that The Equinox’s feel changes. Alvarez seems to have decided to use the second half of the album to allow the listener to catch their breath. “Always, Everything” is a track that features Alvarez on the piano. Alvarez matches the piano with a harp on the song to create a very melodic track. And the keyboards give the song just enough of an edge to prevent the song from being too low key.

So the album doesn’t lose too much of its edge, the title track of “The Equinox” features enough alternative rock feel to bring the album’s energy level up.

“A Dark Star Burning in the Dead of Night” is the song that finishes up The Equinox by Shaolin Temple of Boom. The song begins with a simple melody performed by one guitar. The melody brings to mind visions of “Far Behind” by Candlebox. But unlike the Candlebox song, Shaolin Temple of Boom has built “A Dark Star Burning in the Dead of Night” to be a track that does not build up to something more intense. The very relaxed song makes for a very good final song to the album.

Each of the eight songs that make up The Equinox by Shaolin Temple of Boom is nicely varied. Shaolin Temple of Boom’s alternative style, combined with elements of classic rock and techno, give the listener many different elements to discover in its music. The different styles and feelings to the songs by Shaolin Temple of Boom keep the album fresh. And as a special bonus, each physical copy of the CD is unique.

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