CD Review: Silver Dirt “Sonic Boom”

Silver Dirt brings classic rock all the way from Western Europe. These Swiss bad boys have perfectly captured the loud heart and soul of hard rock. At an audition for a Led Zeppelin cover band in January of 2004, Silver Steff, lead vocals, met Silver Gregg, drums. Dirty Lyo, guitar, and Dirty Seb, bass, met in passing. On Steff’s intuition and planning, 9 months later, a newborn hard rocking band came into the world. Silver Dust has been all over with distribution on independent record labels spanning from Europe to the USA. They have had countless interviews with many webzines and magazines such Rock Hand (France), Los Mejores Rock Mag (Spain), and others across Europe and America.

Silver Dirt’s highlights include over 100 rocking shows in Switzerland. They have been chosen as the Swiss Metal Band of all Swiss metal bands. Silver Steff has opened for legendary bands such as Iron Maiden, Rammstein, and Deep Purple in previous bands. Now how rocking is that?

Silver Dirt’s debut album, Sonic Boom, Is just that. These 13 tracks of rock smash the sound barrier. Listening to this album brings me back to me teenage years. It was like a time warp. A time warp where the Rock has come to the future to teach some of the rockers of today what Rock ‘n’ Roll is really about. “Go She Said” is an awesome track talking about checking out the curves of a woman and then some. I had very good time listening to this song because it reminded me of being in a gentlemen’s club. Well, when I use to go that is.

The ceremonial sounds of the drums and the bass on the track “Last Exit Voodoo Land.” All through the track I got caught up in just chanting the song over and over again at the top of my lungs. That is just what I did ‘til the cops knocked on my door. But I digress. Silver Steff sings his lungs out in “About Rock ‘n’ Roll.” One must if it is a salute to the greatest genre in music. And a salute it is. This song is a salute to legendary rock bands such as AC/DC, Kiss, The Who, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and many more. This homage to others is giving thanks to those who paved the way–I do think it rocks that much. In my opinion, this song is the best one on the album.

Do you have a secret crush on a lady–and who of us hasn’t? “She’s Got to Be” is the track for you. An ode to the secret crushes. The riffs in this track are what make this song awesome. It is very reminiscent of The Hollies’ “Bus Stop” crossed with The Ramones. Silver Dirt doesn’t mention what happens after you get to know the hottie. One moment, she says she admires and loves you; and the next, she says how annoying you are, (wink wink). “Sonic Boom” is a must have.

Silver Dirt has come a long way in 5 short years. They have traveled far and wide to bring us their rocking gift of music. And have opened for legendary rockers. Silver Dirt‘s music is a blessing from Western Europe we all have been waiting for. These rockers are a force to be reckoned with.