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CD Review: Simple Plan “Get Your Heart On”

It is hard to believe that the young pop punk band from Montreal has now entered their second decade as Simple Plan. Their last album (self-titled) threw their fans for a loop with its uneven batch of songs mixing their standard sound with some techno and other experimental soundscapes. However, their fourth album Get Your Heart On! marks a strong return to form that should reignite the fanbase that fell in love with them from the get go. Released back in June, word has slowly been spreading that Simple Plan is back doing what they do best: belting out catchy pop rock tunes that sing about lost love, alienation, and the uncertainty of youth.

While the band foregoes the aloof experimentation that plagued the last album, they still brought in some A-list stars to guest on the album. Some that you might expect – Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) – and others you wouldn’t necessarily expect, like Natasha Bedingfield and  K’naan. But whoever is
guesting, the song retains the distinct Simple Plan sound. The band rushes to
reassure the fans that they aim to please by delivering a monster of a signature Simple Plan tune in “You Suck At Love”. This is the kind of song that made the band famous, and its peppy rhythm and sing-a-long chorus makes it an early favorite. “Jet Lag” is another arena-ready rocker featuring some infectious harmonies with Bedingfield and a huge chorus (video below). “Loser Of The Year” and “Last Man Standing” are classic teen anthems in the making.

For those of you looking for another big ballad along the lines of their hit “Perfect”, you might want to check out “Astronaut” and “Gone Too Soon”. They don’t quite rise to the heights of “Perfect”, but make a solid attempt. In the end, I am very pleased the band went back to their comfort zone – Get Your Heart On! is a fine addition to the Simple Plan catalogue.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10

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Check out the video for “Jet Lag