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CD Review: Skunky Rooster “Buskers’ Blusterade”

Singer/guitarist Scott Rath and drummer Seth Pappas are two musicians that have very similar histories as far as their time in the music industry is concerned. After years of playing behind some of the biggest names in the business, both musicians figured they should create their own music. After finding each other, the two created the band Skunky Rooster. With the help of several other musicians to help flesh out the band’s sound (especially on bass), an album was created. That album is entitled Buskers’ Blusterade.

Buskers’ Blusterade from Skunky Rooster begins with the track “Cross the Great Divide”. The track has a rock flavor with a bit of pop influence to the music. Overall, the sound of the track along with the lyrical content brings to mind the writing style of Tom Petty. The song has enough commercial feel to it to fit on commercial radio but would most likely end up being played on an Album-Oriented Rock (AOR) format.

The album continues with the song “Stand Strong”. The track is easily an anthem for anyone who is going through tough times as the words are reminders that you can withstand anything. The track features both Scott Rath and Seth Pappas as the music is obviously built around Rath’s guitar and Pappas’ drums. The two musicians are easily the focal points on the track while David Hull adds the bass to bring the whole song together.

Following along with the strength that came from the track “Stand Strong,” the song “Somewhere Between Lost and Found” is another track that features a strong rock groove. The track slows down the pace set in place by the earlier tracks but does not really diminish the energy that the earlier tracks had. The track features one of the strongest beats on the album as the bass and drums work well together to keep the energy of the music up. The song also features one of the best guitar riffs from Scott Rath. “Somewhere Between Lost and Found” ends up being one of the standout tracks on Buskers’ Blusterade.

With the track “Through My Veins,” Scott Rath seems to channel Arlo Guthrie; moreover, Rath seems to be recalling Guthrie’s performance on his version of “City of New Orleans” as Rath’s vocals on “Through My Veins” contain an undeniable twang to them; whether it’s intentional or not, the connection to Guthrie is there. The slower pace to the song plus the slide guitar on the track brings a certain amount of folk flavor to the song, which only adds to the Guthrie reference.

Scott Rath seems to have a writing style that draws from real life. This is more than evident on the track “Long Hard Summer”. The lyrics to the song deal with a man who was just let go from his last job. The lyrics emphasize the pain that comes with not knowing what the future holds. The track features a lighter rock feel as the track takes on a pop-rock approach to the music. The lighter touch on the music seems to take some of the sting away from the meaning behind the words to the song, but the combination creates a track that is fun to listen to…despite the meaning to the lyrics.

For the track “The Lie,” Skunky Rooster changes the direction of their music. The track features a strong blues feel to the music and the lyrics deal with all the lies that people deal with on a daily basis. “The Lie” features a strong guitar part from Rath, strong drums from Pappas, a bluesy feel to the bass from David Hull plus the organ from Tom West that adds a lot of depth to the music. The combination of every musician on the track creates a song that feels as authentic as any song from any blues-based band.

On the band’s “theme song” of the same name, Skunky Rooster creates an instrumental track that is part rock and roll, part blues. The song allows Scott Rath, Seth Pappas and bassist Russell Keyes to jam. The song flows with a very energetic feel to it as the trio shows off their talent and their ability to play different styles of music. Like “The Lie,” the song of “Skunky Rooster” feels very authentic as a blues track.

After many fun and different songs throughout the release, Buskers’ Blusterade from Skunky Rooster comes to an end with the track “Malibu Slim”. The track is one of the best tracks on the release. The song features the guitar playing of Scott Rath, bass by Dean Cassell and drums from Seth Pappas. The quick pace to the music on this track and the repeating musical “theme” played by Rath creates track that is very infectious and makes for the perfect way to bring a strong release to an end.

Buskers’ Blusterade from Skunky Rooster changes directions from one track to the next. The changing of the styles helps to show off the talents of both Scott Rath and Seth Pappas. The resulting release is very strong and needs to be heard. Check out this strong release from a band with lots of potential for more.

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