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CD Review: Sometimes Julie “Bright Side of the Line”

Sometimes Julie is a band that makes its home in the SoCal area. The band features songwriters Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker (guitar) who came together to bring Walker’s compositions to life. Later, the duo would expand their musical outfit with the help of George Nelms (drums), Bruce Paul Allen (bass) and Alberto Moreno (lead guitar). The members of the combine their various musical influences together to form a sound that features a very strong Classic Rock style. That style seems to put the band somewhere in the same time period as bands like Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and other bands from around the late 60s, early 70s era. At times, Sometimes Julie sounds timeless, and at other times, a little dated. But the band still creates original music that has plenty of accessibility that it can easily find a willing audience.

Bright Side of the Line, the new EP from Sometimes Julie begins with the track “Emily”. The style of the music gives the band a very strong Classic Rock style. The band brings elements like saxophone, flute and organ into the music. Because of that, the musical combination brings to mind the sound and style of a band like Jefferson Airplane, with a little more jazz to the sound. While not really a modern-day feel, the track would have easily fit alongside Jefferson Airplane and the other acts that played the Woodstock festival.

The new release from Sometimes Julie continues with the EP’s title track. “Bright Side of the Line” features a strong Rock and Roll feel and features a strong groove in the music. The track’s music, refrain and vocal delivery from Monica Sorenson create a track that brings to mind something from the band Heart. It ends up being a little more commercially acceptable for today’s Classic Rock music than the previous track which sounds a little more retro.

The first two tracks on Bright Side of the Line feature a strong Rock and Roll approach. However, the next track of “Sanctuary” finds the band easing off the energy level just a little. An acoustic guitar leads the instruments on the track for the first minute or so. After that first minute, the electric guitars come in to help lead the song into a stronger Rock and Roll direction. “Sanctuary” becomes a Solid Rock love song. The track shows off both the power of Monica Sorenson’s voice. The electric guitar adds a lot of energy to the music in the song.

With the track of “Standing on My Own,” the band adds a little Blues influence to their music. The Blues/Rock track combines the two different musical genres as the guitars add plenty of Rock and Roll influence while the organ brings plenty of Blues influence to the track. The vocals from Monica Sorenson brings everything together. Her vocals have plenty of energy and plenty of sadness at the same time as she sings about trying to survive.

Sometimes Julie continues to follow the Blues/Rock direction on the track “Another World”. This time, the band focuses more on the Rock side of the combination. However, they still add some of the Blues influence to the song. As a result, the track brings the listener back to the late eighties when the Power Rock genre was burning up the airwaves. “Another World” is a track that easily could have gotten a lot of airplay at the right time. The lead guitar on the track from Alberto Moreno is one of the strongest moments on the entire Bright Side of the Line release.

The newest release from Sometimes Julie comes to a close with the track “When the Sun Ain’t Shining”. The final track on the EP keeps the band in an eighties state of mind. The song would have easily been included onto radio formats from that era. “When the Sun Ain’t Shining” is a fun, rockin’ way to bring Bright Side of the Line from Sometimes Julie to a close.

Although only six tracks long, the Bright Side of the Line EP from Sometimes Julie is strong from the first track to the last. Because of that, there is no down time as the group makes good use of their various musical influences. This is what real Rock and Roll should sound like.

To hear the music of Sometimes Julie, check out the band’s song “Bright Side of the Line“.  

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