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CD Review: Son of the Sun “Almost Not There”

Having just listened to the newest CD from the band Son of the Sun entitled Almost Not There, I cannot believe that I’ve never heard of this band earlier. As it stands, I have become a fan of both the band and their music. With how strong this release is, I just wish that the Almost Not There CD had more than just six songs.

Son of the Sun is a band that contains five talented musicians, each of which help to create the band’s original and creative garage rock music. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Zak Ward, guitarist/keyboardist Joseph Stocker, guitarist Jeremy Franklin, Steve Matthews on bass and drummer Brandon Delmont. It is this groups of musicians that make the album of Almost Not There sound as good as it does.

Almost Not There starts with the song “As Far As Lucy”. The guitar playing by Jeremy Franklin at the beginning of the track really sets in motion some of the best rock music I’ve heard this year. The combination of the guitars from all three guitarists of the band (Ward, Stocker and Franklin) creates a strong base to the song while the keyboards from Stocker add a little bit of beauty to the music. With all of the things that help make this song so good, the track ends up being perhaps the strongest of any of the six that make up Almost Not There.

The CD continues with the song that was used to help promote the release before it hit the streets- “10,000”. While the previous track contains a strong Garage Rock feel to the music, the band changes directions and creates a track with more of an Indie Rock feel to the music. The track’s lead guitar creates a riff that immediately catches the ear of the listener. And with the fact that the riff is repeated throughout the track, the listener gets to enjoy that riff several time. This was easily the best song to choose to promote the release, as it is probably the best song on the CD.

While most of the Almost Not There release contains music that is guitar-based, the song “Henry’s England” shakes things up as Joseph Stocker provides much of the basis to the song on the keyboard. With the keyboard taking the lead on the track, what results is a song that feels very out of place with today’s music scene. The track ultimately feels as if it should have been created by in the sixties. But even with the slightly retro feel that results on the track, it is Stocker’s playing that really makes the song, in my opinion.

While “10,000” was the first thing that most people heard off of the release, another song, “My Best Mistake,” is currently making a lot of noise. This is probably the song that could find a place on radio station playlists. The guitars on the track create a strong vibe that feels right at home with today’s Indie Rock. The beat created by drummer Brandon Delmont late in the track that goes along with the guitars is very infectious and could have you stomping your foot to the beat. “My Best Mistake” is one of the strongest tracks on the Almost Not There release and the short playtime of the song makes it perfect for radio play.

The next track on the CD is “Fruit Jar”. This song changes the entire feel of the release as the band slows things way down with this track. To go along with that much slower pace to the music, the band adopts a jam band feel to this really beautiful song. And with the fact that the track is also the longest song on the CD at just over five minutes, you really get to experience the talent of all of the members of Son of the Sun.

To bring their newest release to a close, Son of the Sun slows down the pace with the song “Don’t Worry”. While the first half of the track features lyrics about the singer proving his love, the second half of the track is instrumental, except for the vocalizing of the band members.

The six tracks that make up Almost Not There by Son of the Sun are very strong and keep the listener entertained throughout the short playlist. The music created by the band is very good and the lyrics to the songs will surely have you singing along by the end of the CD. This is the type of release that I really like because no matter how long the release happens to be, there should be more to it. And since there are only six tracks to this CD, Son of the Sun leave their audience wanting for more.

Check out the video to the song “My Best Mistake” by clicking here.

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