CD Review: Sugarwall “Find A Way”

SugarwallOne of the most impressive and enjoyable releases put out in 2009 belonged to the band Sugarwall. Although the current version of the group had only been together for about one year when the debut release was made, the moniker of Sugarwall is older than that:
The moniker of Sugarwall belonged to a band that had split apart after being together for a while. The remaining members of the group, Mitch Mills and Joey Lowe, were not ready to give up on the moniker or the concept of the band, and when they members parted ways, Mills and Lowe went about finding new members to keep the band going. And when all was said and done, Mitch Mills (guitarist) and Joey Lowe (drummer) had found the perfect men to call bandmates in Rick Barrio Dill and Ronnie Dee, who became Sugarwall’s new bassist and lead vocalist, respectively.

With the old version of Sugarwall, the band had composed some songs that were being shaped. So when the new version of the band came into being, the group just picked up where it left off and finished up the tunes. These songs were then recorded by the band and released as the band’s debut album of Find A Way.

Taking styles of each member that makes up the current version of Sugarwall, the band created a sound that is both slightly retro and modern at the same time:

Sugarwall has taken some doo-wop flavor, added just a little country soul, and combined it all with a large amount of modern rock. The band then took this style and combined it with lyrics about hope, love, and living your life. The band avoided adding any anger or jadedness to the lyrics. The resulting sound for the band is rock music that has given the current rock sound a bit of freshness to create an enjoyable take on a music style that has become a little too repetitive and stale in recent times.

Find A Way from Sugarwall starts with the album’s title track. The song is about having hope while doing what you have to do to get something accomplished. The subject of hope runs through the entire album. As already said, this gives the release from Sugarwall a feeling that is almost non-existent in today’s music. When not focusing on moving forward, the songs on Find A Way by Sugarwall are about love. The song “Better Days” is about making it through a bad situation with someone you love, while “Like Yesterday” is about needing to take time to remember the good times in past relationships.

The song “Video Star” is the only song on the album that doesn’t really fit with the rest of the songs, as far as subject matter is concerned. The song is about the singer becoming infatuated with someone on the Internet. The singer’s point of interest seems to be his fantasy girl.

It is always good to find an album that will lift your spirits and make you feel good. With this in mind, Find A Way from Sugarwall is one of those releases that can keep your interest throughout the entire length of the release- you can just put the CD on and allow the CD to play all the way through. It is a strong release, with good music and upbeat lyrics. If you are looking for a fresh take on today’s rock music, give Find A Way from Sugarwall a chance.

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