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CD Review: Syre & Fresko S/T

Syre & Fresko are a husband and wife duo from Melbourne, Australia. Within the band, Syre plays the guitar and keys while also providing the male vocals and Fresko plays the keys and provides the female vocals for the duo’s songs.

The duo creates music that could easily be compared to the likes of another husband and wife musical duo, of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart who were known as Eurythmics. But unlike Lennox and Stewart who created music with a pop/rock feel to their music, Syre & Fresko’s music is centered within the Alternative Rock genre. While Syre & Fresko have released a few singles throughout the time they have been a duo, they just released their first real EP.

The self-titled EP from Syre & Fresko begins with the track “Broken Fragments”. The track features a guitar-driven feel to the music. Syre’s guitar playing takes center stage on the track as it sends the song in an Alternative Rock direction. The rock music on the track shows that the duo can create a song that has plenty of power to it. Both Syre and Fresko perform the lyrics to this track and the doubling up of the vocals gives the lyrics extra power and texture. The track also features a strong refrain that gives the song a very commercial feel to it. The strong rock feel of “Broken Fragments” is a strong way to begin the new release from Syre & Fresko.

While “Broken Fragments” features a strong guitar base to it, the song “Plastic Dreams” changes the musical direction for the duo slightly. After a track that was guitar-based, the duo creates a track that features a sound that equal parts guitar and keyboards. In fact, the music of the track is created by Syre & Fresko as they perform the majority of the song playing the same musical lines. The effect of both the keyboard and the guitar playing the musical parts in equal parts gives the song an interesting feel to it.

On the track “Tightrope,” Fresko steps out to take center stage as far as the vocals are concerned. The results of Fresko standing alone as the vocalist has her vocal style sounding a lot like Mary J. Blige with a slight rock edge. The track even takes on an R&B feel to it. Even with the first two tracks on the release feeling as solid as they do with their Alternative Rock sounds, “Tightrope” does not feel all that out of place. The different musical feel of the track simply allows the listener to enjoy another side to the duo’s musical talent.

With the next track, the duo of Syre & Fresko venture into the musical genre of Americana. The track of “Ruth” finds the duo creating a track that has a strong Folk base with some Country elements to the music such as steel guitar. The track features lyrics that have the main singer pining for time with a lost love. When Fresko joins in on the vocals to sing side-by-side with her husband, the track becomes a very beautiful duet. The resulting track has a certain amount of beauty to it with some sorrow to it at the same time. The track ends up being the most touching moment on the release.

The self-titled EP from Syre & Fresko comes to a close with the track “Gonna See Miracles”. The track has the most commercial feel of any of the tracks on the release. The pop/rock song feels it was created to be played on Top 40 radio. However, with the track’s spiritual lyrics, the track would feel more at home on radio formats such as The Fish.

Syre & Fresko’s self-titled EP is a very entertaining release. The tracks switch directions from track to track and that gives the listener the chance to hear many sides to the duo’s musical personalities. The five tracks on the release is a great place to start and it leaves plenty of room for the duo to continue creating their music.

Check out the duo’s Soundcloud profile to hear the entire EP.

For just a taste of the duo’s sound, check out the acoustic version of their song “Ruth“.