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CD Review: Tamas Wells – Two Years In April (Pop Boomerang Records)

Wells is an Austrailian artist who has had an amazing last two years in his career, hence the title of his latest disc Two Years In April. In 2006 Wells’ first solo album A Plea In Vendredi started selling like gangbusters in Japan and he consequently signed with two prestigious Asian record labels, one in Japan and one in China. The result was Wells’ album selling thousands of copies, hitting the international charts and being able to finace a tour of the country where he played to packed houses on each stop. This from an artist who had just put out his first album. If that’s not pretty heady stuff I don’t know what is.

It shows the power of a well written song and brings to mind the old adage of a catchy melody being all you need to conquer the world. Wells has shown he has the songwriting stuff to capture an audience who, for the most part, may not be able to understand what he is singing but is drawn in by his infectious melodies and breathtaking arrangements.

Wells continues his winning streak with this new album. Recorded with only the most minimal of instrumentation: a guitar, a traditonal Burmese banjo, and a smattering of strings here and there, Wells has chosen to frame his on-point melodicism with a startingly fragile framework to put all of the emphasis on his songs. A brave move by Wells, it’s a good thing his songs can hold up to the scrutiny. The melodies are sublime and Wells’ choice in arrangements are near perfect. This is a great album from a talent we are sure to hear more from in the next few years.