CD Review: Telepathique – Last Time On Earth (The Control Group)

Though this album was first released in South Africa in 2006, it has won enough raves overseas to warrant a release this year in the US by sheer virtue of this album’s deep, deep grooves.

The duo known as Telepathique is DJ/producer/drummer Erico Theobaldo and vocalist Mylene Pires and together they create a danceable stew featuring elements of electro, breakbeat, house with tinges of jungle, and old school bossa. Telepathique is a supergroup of sorts, as both Pires and Theobaldo are known for work outside of the group. Theobaldo is especially well-known, as he has had movie soundtrack hits in Europe, though Pires’ Frican and Brazilian-tinged style is quite recognizable is one were to venture into one of San Paolo’s many hotspots.

Though recorded with the most minimal of equipment (a laptop, a few mics, synths, a guitar, and Pires’ voice) the album’s grooves are very layered and expansive. Wherever this CD is played, there is going to be a party and that’s good enough for me. One of the best electro pop albums I have heard all year. Great stuff.
4.0 on the Scott-O-Meter