CD Review: Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass Kickin’ Team – Live (Double Naught Records)

terry-anderson-200General rocking rapscallion and rolling ne’er-do-well Terry Anderson delivers his latest opus featuring what the man does best: singing and playing his songs in a rowdy club in front of some rowdy, lusty rock and roll fans and getting all rowdy himself while he bangs on his drums and sings a little Faces/Rolling Stones/NRBQ-style rock and roll for the peoples! Did I mention the music being rowdy?

Though Anderson pretty much operates his career from way under the radar in North Carolina, he has quite the pedigree as a songwriter, composing several hit songs for the Georgia Satellites including Battleship Chains and forming a songwriting partnership with Georgia Satellites lead singer Dan Baird which has lead to song placements on Baird’s solo albums as well as many other artists. No less than Al Anderson from NRBQ (no relation) is a fan of his work and together they have co-wriotten several songs that have found their way onto hit albums by several big-name country artists. Anderson’s (Terry, not Al) songs are characterized by their slice-of-life portrayals of the average working man just trying to make it home in one piece and get himself a drink or a little piece of ass in between raising a ruckus and rocking out.

This live CD was recorded in the great state of Nirth Carolina in front of a very appreciative home town crowd who knows they are lucky to have this guy living (and making his living) within their city limits, so to speak. Anderson has one hell of a band backing him and if this was the ’70’s, he’d be right up there touring with the Faces and/or The Stones and writing his own ticket. As it is, he is one of songwriters voted most likely to turn a phrase and always let’s hisw clever get in the way. What I am saying is, after all the easy laughs, Anderson lays down some serious homespun life lessons in his songs but manages to do it in a sly way, without any preacher or any holier-than-thou attitudes. Just take a listen to this smoking hot live album to see what I mean, because in between all the blistering riffs and sinful swagger, you’ll hear the guy hit you with songs that make you laugh and cry, often within the same verse.

Let’s face it: this record is not going to change your life. What it will do is make you laugh, get you dancing, make you feel a little rowdy and make you sing along with some of the catchiest barroom rock you’re ever going to run across. In a world full of albums that are supposed to be big STATEMENTS and politcal salvos, Anderson has devoted his life to writing songs about people we all know (including ourselves) doing things we wish we’d have and haven’t done. It’s not going to win him many songwriting awards, but in thirty or so years he might wind up the most respected player in the game. God knows it wouldn’t surprise me. No one works harder at making it look and sound so easy. Joe Walsh would give up his liver (if only it still worked) to sound this loose while rocking this hard.