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CD Review: The Duke Spirit “Neptune”

The Duke Spirit is an alternate rock band that formed in 2003.Their sound is very reminiscent of alternative rock bands of the 80’s I grew up with. The Duke Spirit consists of Liela Moss on vocals; Luke Ford, guitar/various instruments; Toby Butler, guitar/various instruments; Olly “The Kid” Betts on drums; and Marc Sallis on bass guitar. I recently found this gem of a band by chance and had to write a review. The Duke Spirit’s 2008 album, Neptune, really spoke to me in a huge way. It evoked some great emotions in me; that is a sign of an excellent album.

Wooden Heart” is a track that spoke to me. The soft melancholy melody is very fitting for the lyrics. The sad singing of Liela Moss really moves me. I especially
like when the guitar riffs come in when the chorus is sung. “I would understand
your heart if I could feel it.” The way she sings it is very emotional and
seems to be from a crying heart. I can’t explain what this song makes me
feel–you all just have to take a listen and experience it yourselves. This
track reminds me of a bad experience I had with an ex-friend.

Send A Little Love Token.” First off, this song freaking RAWKS! The song seems to come out of nowhere in the beginning. I love the fast tempo of the piano, bass and drums in the beginning. When I first heard it, I had a feeling it was going to
be a song about a scorned person.  My favorite lyric in this song is “That you have a cold heart, cold hands. And you’re a cold, cold disgrace?” It fits the person it makes me think of. This track reminds me of how someone I have great distaste for altered one of my emails and forwarded to one of my close friends to get me out of the way. All is fair in love and war, isn’t it? That is a long story I don’t want to relive. But this awesome song is iPod worthy and brings out the scorned feeling we all feel when we are betrayed. It is a part of Life.

This Ship Was Built to Last” is an anthem to me. One that is sung when one is rebuilding from a massive heartbreak only to come back harder. The drums and the riff of the guitar give me the feeling of moving forward no matter what. I do think
this song is talking about how we all weather the curveballs Life throws at us.
Weathering heartache and other adversities in life makes us stronger and stronger.
This track is a personal favorite of mine because I can closely identify with it. iPod worthy.

The Duke Spirit is an awesome band with a nice gritty sound. It is very rarely that a band draws an emotional response from me. A band that is able to do that to
someone is freaking AWESOME! The other nine tracks on Neptune are absolutely iPod worthy tracks.  Thank you all, goodnight.


ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This is my last CD review. I would like to thank Shaz Millar and especially Mark Boudreau. I wouldn’t be where I am in life without them. Thanks to all my friends who I consider family who stood by me in my ‘trials and tribulations’ period. I was a mean bugger then. Thanks for putting up with me no matter what I said or did. Thank you and goodbye.


(Editor’s note: As The Duke Spirit has released other CDs since Neptune, also check out the band’s website to discover newer music from the group.)

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