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CD Review: The Hosts – s/t (Self-Released)

With today’s music having gone through a dry spell and now coming out of it, bands have started looking to create their own takes on the rock genre. To forge a new path, some people are looking to the past to help shape their sound.

One band that is embracing the sound of the past to create their original music is The Hosts. The Hosts are a band from Michigan that is creating a sound that is quite a bit different than many other bands that want that hard sound to their music.

The music created by The Hosts contains a large amount of influence from music of the 1960’s. Drawing from American bands who were looking to push the creative envelope by adding unusual instruments and psychedelic effects to that music, and from English bands like The Rolling Stones who were creating their own take on the American rock music, The Hosts have created a style that has a Jekyll/Hyde feel to it: the music feels completely out of place today because of the psychedelic feel to it; at the same time, it feels fresh BECAUSE it doesn’t follow the trends of today’s music.

Along with the band’s retro sound, Greg B. Host and his wife Melissa have written lyrics that could also belong in another time. Their lyrics tell more of a story than most of today’s music does.

The combination of these lyrics and the band’s music creates a style that sticks out from everyone else. In fact, Greg B. Host has described his band’s sound like this: “We sound like a faux rock band playing at a cocktail party in some episode of ‘I Dream of Jeanie’”.

The Hosts have taken this style and created their new self-titled album. Along with Greg B. Host, who plays guitar and provides the male lead vocals, and Melissa Host, who provides the female lead vocals, the rest of the band consists of Paul Einhaus on lead guitar, Dr. Noel Collins-Porter, Jr on bass, and Jim Faulkner on drums. The CD was created with the help of Art W H and Domingo C, as well.

Calling themselves “the stewards of the new Paisley Movement,” “The Hosts are on a mission to return bubblegum and LSD, clean jangling guitars and love beads to the musical landscape”. (Quotes taken from The Hosts.)

Though the self-titled album by The Hosts has been available for a while now, the band is getting ready to officially release the album. The CD Release party for the album will be in mid October.
Whether you want a break from all of the hardness in some of today’s music, you’re looking for something different in rock, or you just want to return to a time when there was a want and a need to create something more creative, the new self-titled CD by The Hosts could be exactly what you are looking for.

For more information on the band, including the exact information on the CD Release party, you can visit them at You can also find the band on MySpace at


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