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CD Review: The Kavanaghs S/T

It is over in England that a 21st Century version of the British Invasion has been taking place. Bands like Coldplay and Stereophonics have been at the forefront of this new English-based influence to rock. While a large amount of music containing this influence has obviously been created by English bands, the revival of the British Invasion has not been contained just in Great Britain. There are many groups out there right now from all over the globe that have been joining in on this revival. One of the bands from outside of Great Britain creating music of this style is the Argentina-based band The Kavanaghs.

The Kavanaghs is a modern-day Rock and Roll band that wears its influences on its sleeve. And the influences that come through when listening to the band are mainly of the British Invasion kind. When listening to the band’s music, you can hear an abundance of influence from the likes of The Beatles, The Kinks, and other bands from around that time in music.

The Kavanaghs consist of four musicians: Alejandro Pin, Diego Vazquez, Tiago Galindez and Julio Leidi. This foursome creates a quartet modeled after the Fab Four, which includes having two singers (Pin and Galindez) sharing vocal duties. But their sound is so much more than just a copy of the sound that The Beatles created; you can also hear today’s bands like Coldplay and others in their style.

Recently, The Kavanaghs went into the studio to create a new self-titled album. What resulted was an album of original music from the group that features a musical mix of both the old and new styles of British Invasion. The Kavanaghs create their musical style that blends both of the eras of music together.

The first song of the self-titled album from The Kavanaghs is the track “The Wrong Side of the Way”. The track actually has a style that incorporates some of the flavor that was present in the music from The Beatles. But the song also has a generous amount of influence in the music that sounds a lot more modern. The track feels more like it fits with current bands than it does with bands from the first English musical invasion.

With the song “Friday on My Mind” (and no, not the song from The Easybeats), the band creates a track with a lot of the style of The Beatles from back at the time that the British band was creating their first movie of Help! In fact, you could see “Friday on My Mind” fitting right in with the rest of the songs on the soundtrack to that film.

On the song “English Town, English People,” the band creates a track that feels like something from The Beatles, but the style is more like McCartney than it is like Lennon. The gentle pace to the song creates a track that would have easily found on the radio back in the sixties.

After several tracks that feature the older style of British Invasion-influenced music, the band changes directions. The song “The Simple Things” finds the band creating a track that would fall into the Post-British Invasion era here in the United States and elsewhere when bands like The Raspberries or Welsh band Badfinger started incorporating the British Invasion sound into their music. In fact, “The Simple Things” contains a sound that seems to have incorporated some of the flavor from The Raspberries’ song “I Wanna Be with You” into the music.

The album seems to proceed that way: The band will create songs that fit the earlier British Invasion, and then they’ll create other tracks that would fit with bands that are currently creating music over in England. The combination of the two styles create an interesting contrast and keep the listener interested in what direction the band will take with the next song on the album.

While the vast majority of the music on the self-titled album from The Kavanaghs incorporate the various eras of music when British bands were largely present, there is one song that is contained within the album that does not fall into the pattern. That one song is “Cat in Town” which is a track that sounds more like a combination of The Beatles and Stray Cats than anything from the British Invasion. The lone track that doesn’t feature a straight-out British influence gives the listener an idea of what else is influencing the members of the band.

The Kavanaghs is one band where the band members truly wear their musical influences on their sleeves. Whether playing songs in the style of the first British Invasion or the current British Style, the Argentinean band of The Kavanaghs has created an album of music that fans of either style should really enjoy.


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