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CD Review: The Morning Light – The Sounds of Love EP (Fearless Records)

The Morning Light’s new 6 song EP serves as a welcome stopgap between full-lengths. A five member band (Harrison Wargo – piano and vocals, Bobby Garver – vocals, Matt Colussy – guitar, Nick Baxter – drums, Andy McDonald – bass) which rose from the ashes of Pittsburgh’s much-missed Transition, The Morning Light is not your typical Fearless Records band.

When I usually get something from the Fearless label I expect some hardcore punk or something of that stripe, not interesting, intricate pop music. But it is very good pop music, with a youthful energy. Strong melodies with some great instrumental touches and synth washes – very mature songwriting with some great guitars right where they should be, like on the anthemic choruses. I can see this being played on the radio as it is very good Green Day-styled stuff with more of a power pop element than most bands of this kind.

Very accomplished and very catchy – great stuff. I am hoping for another full-length album soon.