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CD Review: The Ruse “Love S Ex Confusion”

One of the best reasons to go out to see a concert is to check out someone new, someone you’ve never seen or heard of before. I was recently at a concert for the band Honor By August when I saw the band The Ruse for the first time. Although other people in the audience were there to see the band, it was my first experience with the band and their music.

When The Ruse came to Cleveland to share the stage with Honor By August and Luna Halo, they were on tour to promote their new album, Love S Ex Confusion. Love S Ex Confusion had just been released when the band took to the stage in The Pirate’s Cove in Downtown Cleveland for that Monday Night concert. For that concert, The Ruse (which is comprised of John Dauer on vocals, Jim Bilus on guitars, Mark Stolze on bass and Jason Young on drums) played many of the songs that can be found on their new release. It was a great way for the band to introduce the uninitiated to their style of rock.

Love S Ex Confusion is the newest release by the Los Angeles quartet of The Ruse. This follows their previous album releases of Midnight in the City (2008), Live at the Viper Room (2007), Light in Motion (2006) and Invasion (2005)

The new album from The Ruse begins with several songs that could become favorites with the band’s fans. The band’s newest single of “I Can’t Stop” is the first song on the album. The track begins with the song slowly building. By the time the track is fully realized by the band, the track contains a style that blends together several influences such as Depeche Mode, The Eurythmics and even some Soft Cell. The result is a track that contains a strong beat and a musical sound that could fit either Alternative radio formats or New Wave ones. The track is a great way to lead off the album, as the song has a strong beat and a refrain that could lead to sing-a-longs.

The next track of “The Sweetness” is also a strong track. This track finds the band creating a track with an unmistakable Rock and Roll feel to the music. The influences in the song seem to suggest some Rolling Stones and maybe some INXS or another band from the early days of Alternative Rock. Because of the blending of several genres of Rock and Roll into the song’s sound, the track comes across as rather timeless.

The track of “The Sweetness” seemed to slow the pace down a little. With the next track of “Apache,” the band seems to bring the energy back up to the level that “I Can’t Stop” has. The very strong bass line from Mark Stolze begins the song and keeps the energy of the track up. The band once again creates a track that be just as easily at home on a Classic or Modern Rock radio format as it would be on an Alternative Rock format.  

It is with “Glitter Not Gold” that The Ruse may have another radio-friendly track that brings to mind bands like U2 and others who have followed along in their footsteps who have come to be quite popular. With the rather strong commercial quality to the Rock and Roll on the track, “Glitter Not Gold” is just waiting to be placed on many playlists of radio stations around the country.

This is followed by yet another song, “Perfect World,” that seems ready to light up radio airwaves. The track features a somewhat slower pace to the music when compared to the earlier tacks on the album. The slower tempo is accompanied by an easier feel to the music itself. This results in a strong Pop-Rock feel to the track.

To be honest, the entire album of Love S Ex Confusion by The Ruse is very strong and the ten tracks that make up the album work well together to make for one strong release. There isn’t one song that seems out of place. If you are a fan of The Ruse, or if you are like I was and have yet to discover the music of the group, Love S Ex Confusion is an album you should check out.

To hear some of the music from The Ruse, check out their song “I Can’t Stop“. 

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