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CD Review: The Stone Foxes “Bears and Bulls”

The Stone Foxes are carrying a torch for blues-rock masters such as The Band, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin. Made up of brothers Shannon and Spence Koehler, Aaron Mort, and Avi Vincour, The Stone Foxes are rock purists that breathe new life into classic rock. The Stone Foxes will rattle your speakers with vintage sounding guitar tones, riff-centric songwriting, and perfectly placed harmonica.

If I had to limit myself to just one word to summarize the essence of The Stone Foxes it would be AUTHENTIC. These guys are rock and rollers to the core, with equal parts attitude and talent. The music is more riff-driven than melodic, but for classic rock fans, “Bears and Bulls” is an instant treasure. Opening track “Stomp” is like a prelude to the party, with a steady beat of hand claps, juicy harp, and greasy slide guitar. “Patience” follows, a gripping vintage rocker that sounds like what Jet would shoot for in a song. The band shows their bluesy ballad side with the excellent “I Killed Robert Johnson”, one of many tracks that remind me of Black Crowes at their finest (check out “Easy” or “Through The Fire” for more). “Passenger Train” reveals yet another side of the band – a side that dabbles in alt-country not far from the neighborhood of Wilco – and it earns my pick for favorite track on the record. Additional highlights include the rollicking anthem “Young Man” and the slow burning Dylan-esque ballad “Come Again”.

The sophomore effort from The Stone Foxes, “Bears & Bulls”, is out July 6.

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The Stone Foxes on MySpace. Official site.

Check out the video for the first single “I Killed Robert Johnson”:

The Stone Foxes “I Killed Robert Johnson” from Sideways Media on Vimeo.