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CD Review: The Urges – Psyche Ward (Wicked Cool Records)

If you are a fan of garage rock, this is the album you’re going to want to buy. Released in the US on Springsteen’s crony (and patron saint of rock and roll) Little Steven’s record label Wicked Cool, this album actually was first released in the band’s native Ireland about a year ago but has aged like a fine wine in that the album sounds even more fantastic and vital now than it did last year.

Don’t know what it is about Ireland that produces such great garage, but The Urges are quickly carving out a rep that has them placed firmly in the top of the garage pantheon right up there next to the legendary Stems, at least to my ears. The Urges’ music is visceral, powerful and thrashing rock and roll, the way great rock and roll was meant to sound. And though the band goal is keeping their rock and roll basic, the band manages to show quite a bit of depth which brings up another facet to the band: the songwriting. While garage rock doesn’t necessarily need to be too advanced musically or lyrically, the band demonstrates their effective way with a catchy melody and shows signs of their one day evolving past primitive garage rock into something a little more musically substantial should they desire. For now, though, I am too busy enjoying the hell out of this release to worry about what they come out with in the future.

True rock and roll is in the present, baby, and hopefully you will get the urge to Get The Urges’ new album right now! You will not be sorry.