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CD Review: The Von “Ei8ht”

Florida-based band The Von consists of vocalist/bassist Luis Bonilla and guitarist Marek Schneider. For much of their career as The Von, Bonilla and Schneider existed as a trio with someone helping to fill out the band’s sound on the drums. The band now exists with drummer Elisa Seda who had replaced the drummer who helped to create the band’s newest release of Ei8ht. On this new release, you can hear the band’s influences such as Papa Roach and Linkin Park, as well as other modern-day rock bands. It is with the album of Ei8ht that The Von is currently touring.

Ei8ht from The Von begins with the track “Nothing to Fear”. “Nothing to Fear” is a song that draws heavily from the modern-day rock styles. With the music on the track, you can hear influences from someone like Linkin Park. The song contains a strong rock approach with the electric guitar leading the way. But when the band takes a few minutes to allow the acoustic guitar to shine, the track suddenly takes on a completely different feeling before the band resumes the electric approach. “Nothing to Fear” is a strong tune to lead off the band’s new album.

Aside from the musical side to the band, The Von also has a slightly political side, as well. With the track “The Machine,” the band makes reference to the way people are manipulated by their government or religion to help achieve a certain outcome. The lyrics of the song suggest that we simply go along with what we are told and are slowly losing ourselves.

For the song “Cry of War,” a personal anthem of sorts, The Von unleashes some of the strongest electronic influence in the band’s music. There is a very strong Rock and Roll feel to the music of the tune as the band creates a song that contains a strong driving force helped out by a strong drumbeat. It is the guitar that is the featured instrument while the keyboards help to add a lot of body to the song. “Cry of War” hits the listener with plenty of energy. And then, the band adds the electronics. With the Rock and Roll feel, the energetic driving feel and the electronics, the song becomes a track that is definitely worthy of headphones. Put the headphones on and just let the song take you over.

With the track “Love Supreme,” The Von brings a little more Classic Rock feel to their music. The song contains a guitar part that brings to mind the playing of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. That Classic Rock guitar along with the electronics in the background combine to create a track that feels both retro and modern at the same time. And like other tracks before it, “Love Supreme” ends up being rather strong.

For the track “Atomic Sun,” the band slows down the pace of their music. It is with this song that the band creates a running them throughout the track’s lyrics. While containing a definite romantic touch, the lyrics also revolve around the sun and energy. The lyrical play on “Atomic Sun” helps to create one of the more original moments on the album of Ei8ht from The Von. The guitar work on the song brings to mind that of songs from the eighties.

“Let It Out” is a song that finds the band creating a musical moment that features a spiritual feeling. The lyrics on the song deal with delving into the mind and soul and find the truth inside. The song begins with a musical approach that will remind some of “Tom Sawyer” from Rush before The Von takes the track in a slightly different direction that still contains a progressive rock approach. The electronics in the background add to “Tom Sawyer” reference. The multiple guitar sounds on the track gives the song a lot of depth to the music. The whistling at the end as the singer seems to walk off into the distance adds even more to the lyrics.

Ei8ht from The Von comes to an end with the title track “Ei8ht” begins with an acoustic approach on the guitar before the band moves into a much harder electric approach. Once again, the band creates lyrics that have a definite spiritual and reflective quality to them. The acoustic/electric quality to the music creates a song that has a lot of depth to it.

The Ei8ht release from The Von is an album that is well-written as well as well-played. While the lyrics on each of the tracks are much more intellectual than most of today’s music, the band keeps the lyrics relatable enough that the listener will not be turned off. The album is one of the most intelligent releases out there today and that is truly welcome in the midst of today’s music that has been dumbed down in order to appeal to the biggest audience. From the first note, Ei8ht from The Von is an album that is best listened to through headphones and should be listened to straight through.

The Von will be releasing their new album Ei8ht on November 13th, 2015. Until then, you can check out the band’s music on the Nothing to Fear maxi single. Click on the cover below.The Von
Click HERE to check out “Nothing to Fear,” The single from The Von.

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I heard some of the stuff they got up on Soundcloud.
these guys have a mix of 80s rock awesomeness with modern rock and electronic sounds. Finally something different out there!

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