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CD Review: Third Bullet – Revelations

This is a phenomenal debut album from this band based in Birmingham UK.

The band members are James Harbridge on vocals and guitar, Stephen Busby on bass and vocals and Matthew Challoner on the drums and vocals/shouting. These three guys combined make an explosive cocktail of hard edged bad assed rock’n’roll that is delivered like an airstrike. You could say that this band have been endorsed by Harley Davidson, check this link

Third Bullet are yet another band that confirms my belief and love of independent and unsigned music. They have a style that resembles nothing more than themselves, truly incomparable and completely addictive.
Third Bullet Revelations pic here

Moving onto the album titled Revelations which is a revelation in itself. These rocking Rottweiler’s have produced one of the most striking debut albums that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. It was recorded at Magic Garden Recording Studio in the UK. It was produced by Gavin Monaghan who owns and runs Magic Garden Studio. It was engineered by Gazz Rogers of Magic Garden and mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in the U.S.A.

Revelations opens with the aptly titled ‘My Deviation’, this gives you a no holds barred taste of Third Bullet’s mesmerising style and attitude. A fine example of James’s sinister sounding vocals and memorable riffs topping a solid driving backline from Matt and Stephen. ‘Resistance is Futile’ follows and it most certainly is. This kicks in gripping you firmly and taking the sound up a notch. This songs punchline is ‘you might think you’re free but you’re not’. You sure as hell will not be after hearing this.

‘Revelations’ slows the tempo using this Bullet ballad which drives hard and is full of colour. It is a very rich song. ‘It Keeps Me Awake’ lives up to its title. This raises the tempo once again. An exemplary tune which is another fine example of Third Bullets addictive quality. ‘This Life’ slows the tempo a touch once again with a hint of melancholy and is a great showpiece for Matt and Stephen. Having said this James’s guitar shines out as always. ‘Clip My Wings’ puts another Bullet up your backside and sets the pace back into jumping level. Third Bullet’s sound sure has a lot of bite to it. ‘Something Sinister’ most certainly is. Again the tempo slows a touch, this tune adds a touch of cynicism while expanding the soundscape once again.

‘Falling Down’ follows on in the same manner adding a touch of angst while using some great rocking vocal harmonies. ‘Retreat’ flows in sweetly raising the spirit of the musical flow. It has strong arms and lighters in the air type choruses and is a great example of this bands versatility. ‘Day by Day’ closes the album back into the same fashion as it began. A thumping, driving slap like bass line and solid drumbeat topped with admirable addictive riffs and guitar work. A catchy chorus slips in perfecting this great song.

Third Bullet are just so damn good, I can hardly enthuse enough to do them justice.

I was fortunate enough to see them play a set at Cath Gaskins Funky Punky birthday party held at The Old Wharf in Birmingham a short while ago. This was an absolutely amazing set, they played pretty much the whole album. On stage James was wearing his Bullet trademark hoodie top making them appear almost as threatening as their music can sound. After about three tunes in James steps back to the mic with sweat gushing out of that hoodie of his and he says ‘f##k me, I’m knackered’. I am not surprised, the amount of sheer energy in Third Bullets music is punched out with added fervour during their live show. Faultlessly. They are completely and utterly enthralling. High energy ass kicking alternative rock/grunge/metal.

Keep a guard out, these rocking Rottweiler’s have got something so special and just what it takes to go far and fast.

Enjoy ‘Resistance is Futile’ courtesy of this amazing band and the Rock and Roll Report!

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Third Bullet: Revelations