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CD Review: Trueheart – The Road (Self-Released)

Despite being born in Texas, singer/songwriter Ross Vick has created one of the best California-rock album I have heard in a long time. Drawing from inspirations such as the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Browne, Vick has made an album as lush, beautiful and expansive as the very state of California itself. Vick’s fifth album with his band, The Road is a culmination of a leap of faith taken by Vick shortly before he formed the band back in 2003.

At one time a corporate paper pusher with a 25-year career in the toy business, the calling of Vick’s muse finally got the better of him and he quit his job to become a full-time musician. As good as Vick is as a songwriter and musician, it doesn’t hurt to have great people in your corner. Towards that end, Vick was able to get famed engineer Gary Leach (his work on LeAnn Rimes’ first hits earned him three platinum records) to produce and co-write the material on this new album. There is a deep emotional current in the lyrics on this record, which stands to reason as the title track is dedicated to a close family friend who lost their battle with bone cancer in 2006. The song was written after Vick started reflecting on the crossroads in his life and it is a heartful song with a deep message which ultimately ends in redemption and hope for a brighter day soon to come.

While the album does reflect on loss, it is not a “heavy” album and will not bring anyone down. In fact, Vick’s songs serve as inspiration and encouragement to find the strength to continue for another day. Trueheart is a different kind of band, with a different kind of music and subject matter. It’s definitely not for those who want music simply as aural wallpaper. Trueheart’s music is for those looking for another level in the music they choose to enjoy and Trueheart’s new album delivers.

3.5 on the Scott-O-Meter


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