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CD Review: Voyager One – Afterhours in the Afterlife (Loveless Records)

Jeramy Koepping (guitars, keys, programming) and Peter Marchese (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keys, programming) are the the main cogs in Voyager One, meeting after answering an ad in a Seattle music magazine. Though it was an inauspicious beginning, the band has made it’s mark with it’s intricate, textural space rock.

Ever since the two-man group revolution started these types of bands have been popping up all over the place, though the band is not rootsy like The White Stripes, Black Keys and other bands of that ilk. This band pulls from ‘80’s New Wave and dance music for their inspiration. Compelling stuff with plenty of cool textures going on through the music, yet still poppy and accessible. I could definitely hear this stuff on the radio. Singer has a charismatic vibe and putting the vocals back in the mix a little bit adds to the atmosphere – this is nighttime music for driving.

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