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CD Review: Welshly Arms S/T

In the short amount of time that Welshly Arms has been together, the Cleveland-based band has made a lot of noise in the music scene.  Comprised of Sam Getz (vocals/guitar), Brett Lindemann (keys/vocals), Jimmy Weaver (bass/vocals), and Mikey Gould (drums), Welshly Arms is a band that has been shaking the music world off its foundation.

Since coming together, the band has created one EP called Welcome; a 3-song release that simply features the band creating new versions of well-known tracks from the likes of Deep Purple, The Chamber Brothers and Roy Orbison; and the band’s newest release: a full-length self-titled album. The band is currently promoting that 2015 self-titled album.

The self-titled release from Welshly Arms begins with the track “Love in a Minor Key”. The track contains a strong Soul/Rock mixture that may remind some of something from The Black Keys. Like The Black Keys, Welshly Arms creates music that has plenty of power behind it. “Love in a Minor Key” features that Soul/Rock mixture that revolves around the guitar of vocalist Sam Getz and the organ from Brett Lindemann. While the guitar from Getz is the main focus, the keys from Lindemann add plenty of backbone to the track. In fact, with the way the keys sound on the track, it actually sounds more like two guitars than a guitar and keyboard. “Love in a Minor Key” hits hard from the first note and never lets up for its 4-minute duration.

The second track of the self-titled release from Welshly Arms is the song “Dirty Work”. “Dirty Work” begins with the band creating an a’capella chant that leads into the body of the track. Once the band segues into the track itself, they create a track that seems to borrow from early rock and roll bands like The Rolling Stones or The Kinks as the track is equal parts Rock and Roll and Blues as the Blues makes up the majority of the musical direction for the track. The Rock and Roll influence comes in with the power delivery of the music.

“Never Meant to Be” is yet another track on the self-titled 2015 release from Welshly Arms that hits hard from the very first note. Just like “Dirty Work” before it, “Never Meant to Be” has a strong Blues/Rock sound. The track feels like a combination of a Jimi Hendrix track mixed with a song from Canned Heat. The 3-minute playing time makes for the perfect reason for the song to be released as a single as the song is quick and extremely catchy.

With the track “Ain’t Supposed to Rain,” the feel of the music from Welshly Arms changes. While it still contains the Soul/Rock feel that the listener is familiar with because of the earlier track of “Love in a Minor Key,” the track features a lot more Soul than the earlier track. The vocals from Sam Getz also contain a certain amount of Soul feeling that adds to the musical approach of the track. The slower pace of the music on the track also seems to add a nice amount of intensity to the Soul feeling of the track.

On the track “Three Dark Days,” the band abandons the familiarity of their style. The track about spending time in jail finds the band creating a Blues-inspired track that would easily have been written and performed by the likes of Robert Johnson or any other Delta Blues performers. The track features Sam Getz on acoustic guitar and vocals along with percussion from Mikey Gould. The two turn in one of the best Blues tracks to be created in 2015…especially from a band that is more Rock and Roll than Blues.

On the track “The Touch,” Welshly Arms brings their music back to their Blues/Rock sound and style. On the track, Brett Lindemann trades in his organ for the piano. The piano on the track gives the song a nice change of pace from the rest of the material on the album.

While Welshly Arms follows a certain direction in their music, they change that direction once again for the “Night Prowler”. With this track, the band brings to mind Soul artists like Percy Sledge or Sam & Dave. The definite Soul feel of the song is mixed with the band’s strong musical delivery to create a track with plenty of energy.

Welshly Arms’ ability to combine Rock and Blues and Soul into one sound creates a style that is both fresh and classic at the same time.  The ten tracks that appear on the band’s self-titled release are performed with tons of energy and that results in a release that never lets up.

To check out the music from Welshly Arms, check out the song “The Touch“.

Check out the band’s label, Position Music.