CD Singles Sales Sliding

According to the article “Online music singles sales blow away CD singles” single song downloads are outpacing their CD counterparts. First off, I never realized that there was much of a market for these overpriced CD singles so why is this such a surprise? Stick a song on a CD from an album that is already out, add a “remix” version of the song (maybe even twice) and name it something like the “Sir Bump a Lot Tease Hip Hop Mix” and possibly even add an “unreleased” instrumental track and sell it for $8.99. Wadda ya mean no one wants to buy it? Sheesh!
(How about that incredible “Les Nessman” style headline huh?)


  1. CD singles never cost that much. If the cost is $8.99, it’s called an EP and often has nearly an album’s worth of material. DJ’s, for once, buy a lot of singles and EPs–for the remixes. The general public gave up on singles in the late ’90s, and labels pretty much trimmed down their singles business because it wasn’t worth the effort.

  2. The cost is obviously higher in Canada since I stopped buying CD singles just for the very reason that they cost too much. I was trying to keep up with all the R.E.M. “B” sides and the cheapest I ever paid for one was $7.99 CDN and that featured the single, usually an uninteresting instrumental and then potentially a good (albeit not great) unreleased tune. Very frustrating when you see some unreleased song like “Surfing the Ganges” only to find out when you get home that it is some lame instrumental. Of course the very worst was one of the CD singles that featured an instrumental version of “Orange Crush.” I suppose it was meant for a kareoke (sp?) machine.

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