Circus Memories

When I was in high school back in the (gulp) late ‘70s I vividly remember literally running to the local corner store to pick up the latest edition of Circus Magazine. I would pick up my copy (perhaps together with an issue of Creem or, less likely Hit Parader) and retire to my room to devour it from cover to cover while blaring music on my sad sack stereo. To me it was my passport to an amazing alternate universe and I loved everything about it (and for the most part still do). I started to think about this when I discovered a couple of old Circus magazines in a storage box in my garage.
creem What would it take to buy a whole slew of back issues I thought? Where would I go? To eBay? You could but the best place from what I can tell is C-Bub the best source for back issues of, not only Circus, but Creem, Rolling Stone, Crawdaddy, Rock Scene and even Hit Parader (and they sell on eBay). Not only can you buy these back issues but they also have a nice page tracking the history of all sorts of music magazines. Really cool stuff if you are looking to take a trip down memory lane. And best of all, everybody looks so young!