“Classic Alternative” is all the rage (in the machine?)

Again with Rolling Stone (I know, I know I can’t stand the mag but they have a couple of good newsbites this week. It happens occasionaly). It seems the new radio format that is all the rage is something termed “classic alternative” where classic alternative rock bands like, gulp, Nirvana and Pearl Jam are in and all those sad and sorry noise bands like Korn (remember them?) and Limp Bizkit are out. Alright I am officially considered old. Damn where did the time go? I used to be a rock and roller now I’m just a “money demographic.” Quick, somebody go tell my bank manager. The music I gotta admit is still great. Kurt Cobain may have been a sad, screwed up dude but he could actually write something called songs, a fact lost on some of the bands that followed in Nirvana’s wake. Crap did I just write that? Ok I am definitely signing off before I make anymore goofy “when I was a kid we used to have bands that could sing” statements.