Concordia alumni lead the way in the Montreal indie-rock scene

Coatofarms I’m not one of those university graduates who runs around loaded in alumni gear going on and on about the place where they partied their brains out for 3 years and did some studying on the side but at the same time, I like to toot their horns when the right opportunity comes around. As a graduate of Concordia University (as well as the University of Western Ontario) when I saw the article Concordia alumni lead the way in the Montreal indie-rock scene I just thought that this was the perfect thing to post about.

I think for a number of years Concordia has toiled away from the spotlight that was perpetually shining on the much older and better respected McGill University but as we hit the 21st century in full press Concordia is well pressed to confront this century’s needs. On top of all of their impressive programs in business, computer science, film, journalism and communications studies, Concordia has always prided itself on its contributions to the fine arts. Whether indie rock can be considered a “fine art” of course is open to debate but there is no doubt that Concordia grads have their fair share of influence in Montreal’s red hot music scene. Read the article to get the low down on just a few.