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  1. Hello The Rock and Roll Report,

    My name is Jared King and I am writing on behalf of my band, The Jefferson. We are a four piece unsigned melodic rock-pop anthem band based in Sydney, Australia and are often compared to bands who exhibit stadium-filling sounds such as U2, Snow Patrol and Kings of Leon.

    Here is a yousendit link where you can download our latest single, “Running” (320 kbps – if you need it in another format please let me know):

    You can also listen to it on our Sonicbid Page:

    Here is some background info on the song:

    * April 22nd 2011 – “Running” aired on the season final of “Degrassi”, broadcasting to 140 countries. Views for the video of “Running” on YouTube have increased by 4,500 since airing.
    to view video go to:

    * It’s track number 3 on our debut album, “Safe Return To Earth”.

    * You can purchase the song from iTunes:

    Track Description:
    Opens with a moody guitar and vocal, then the band explodes into the pre-chorus, which then lifts into the inspiring chorus. It continues to move along at a quick pace.

    Please let me know if you like the track and whether you would be willing to give it any airplay on your podcast as I can then promote The Rock and Roll Report on all our social media outlets. Any help you can provide in promoting the band would be overwhelmingly appreciated.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Jared King
    The Jefferson


    Debut album, IT’S NEW! to be released this summer

    New York, NY – Bright & Barrow Records, the label responsible for last year’s noteworthy punk compilation, Cause A Scene, Volume One, is super excited to announce the signing of Long Beach, NY’s Ramones-core geniuses, The New Rochelles, and the upcoming release of their debut album, It’s New!. The trio – comprised of Ronnie Rochelle, Ricky Rochelle, and Rookie Rochelle – have built a solid reputation for themselves by concocting addictive Queers-esque pop punk using catchy songwriting, flawless harmonies, and tight rhythms. The New Rochelles encompass everything a fan of The Ramones, Teenage Bottle Rocket, and Screeching Weasel could want in a young, new band: tons of hooks, down-stroked powerchords, and to-the-point mini-anthems about leather jackets, monsters, and getting into trouble, complete with some “1-2-3-4!”’s.

    It’s New! will be released this summer on vinyl and digitally via Bright & Barrow. Details and pressing info will be announced soon, but in the meantime the album’s first single, “This Is My LJ,” can be streamed at

  3. Hello,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading the refreshing content on and am interested in possibly placing a text link on this site.

    I work in online marketing for DriveNetwork and am currently working on promoting Direct TV services. We would be willing to pay a monthly fee for this link placement. If this is something you would be interested in, what would you charge for such an ad?

    I look forward to hearing back from you,


  4. Vintage ‘Rolling Stones’ Poster Fetches $14k on eBay, a website tracking top selling eBay items, is reporting a vintage Rolling Stones Concert Poster fetched a winning bid of $14,101, in a seven day auction on eBay.

    Full Story:

    See Poster:

    James Massey
    3518 Fremont Avenue North #575
    Seattle, WA 98103
    Office: (206) 497-2263
    Fax: (815) 642-4172


  5. The Rock and Roll Report,

    I am writing on behalf of the band, The Atolls. The Atolls are from Glendora, CA and consist of members, Daniel Martin and Chris Barela. They have recently released an EP which is available for free download at, as well as for compact disc purchase which comes with a double-sided poster & lyrics sheet. The Atolls also have several shows coming up (July 16, July 28, August 4, more to be announced). Be sure to listen to the songs, “Older Nazi Boyfriends” and “Something I’m Not Supposed to Do.” Write about them if you would like to. Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,

    Ryan Kabala

  6. Leatherbag is a 3 piece rock band from Austin, TX. A new LP and EP will be self-released 7/26/2011.

    Lou Reed, The Feelies, Texas
    Yellow TV

    we’ve been working on this full length since december 2010. here it finally is for you guys to hear. it is the finished product. please contact me with any questions about anything. we tracked it to two inch tape at Hot Tracks (RIP) and OHM recording facility. mixed at OHM and mastered at Superpop. 14 songs were tracked for the album to tape. over 20 songs were demo’d for the project.

    1. Imitation Generation
    2. Yellow TV
    3. Telephone Wire
    4. Modern World
    5. Waxing Nostalgic
    6. Falling Down Again
    7. Sparrow Blues
    8. Yanni
    9. Sincerity

    1. Poor Misguided Boy
    2. Teenage Creeps
    3. No Future
    4. So Misunderstood
    5. We’re Broke
    6. Radiation Squirm
    7. Patience
    tracked live to half inch tape on 8 track tape machine at Superpop in one day. another afternoon of overdubs and you have the Patience EP. the EP includes a cover of the Houston new wave act The Judys ‘Radiation Squirm’ which was released originally in 1980 on the Wonderful World of Appliances EP

    you can stream the 2 releases here:
    and here:

    for interviews/press:

    photos/dates/info is here:



  7. Press Release:

    Local Musician to Release New CD August 16th

    Central Pennsylvania musician Chris Nelson will release his next CD on August 16th.

    The disc is the follow up to ‘Nightfall’ which came out in 2009.

    The disc contains what Nelson refers to as ‘surprises.’ The music is harder-edged and more energetic this time.

    “Nightfall was a folk album played as rock and roll,” the songwriter from Lebanon, Pennsylvania said comparing the two efforts, “This new record has more attitude and moves into new territory.”

    The music ventures out into other styles of music while sticking closer to his rock roots. This contributes to the aggressive sound that seems to be present on the disc.

    “There are going to be some things on this collection that people won’t expect from me.”

    Another departure from the norm is the way the album will be distributed.

    This disc will be released as an electronic-only release through Preorders for the download will begin next week. Physical CDs will still be available for purchase at his live shows, but not until after the release date.

    A link to the site where preorders will be available will be sent out through Nelson’s email distribution list.

    Nelson will continue playing live at selelcted venues across Central Pennsylvania.

    For more information or to sign up for email alerts, including the release of this new album, go to

  8. Hello,
    I am assisting Sally Steele to contact local media in regards to our Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards scheduled for August 21st at the Las Vegas Hilton. If you are interested in participating, please send me an email and I will forward you the information. Thank You!

    Michelle Nafts

  9. Hi there,
    I am writing to pitch an Artist Management Spotlight feature on Chasson Gracie, founder and CEO of Gracie Management, on The Rock and Roll Report or a guest column written by him. Chasson is a 10-time award winning marketing strategist who decided to take all his passion for music and the music industry, and combine it with his decade of marketing communication experience, and create a new type of strategic artist management, one that truly mixed art and science (Chasson does not usually just throw things against a wall – there is some science behind it, too – he has a Master of Science and is quite adept with research and modeling of data). I think he will provide valuable insights to your readers.

    Gracie Management is an emerging music management and marketing company started in 2010. Chasson has worked on marketing projects as diverse as the 2010 Census Campaign (he was a lead strategist and helped the campaign far exceed its goals) to ad hoc projects with Universal Music Group. He manages three artists, including emerging local indie rock band Extra Arms (returning from a triumphant showcase at the North by Northeast Festival in Toronto and debut album was mixed by Producers Alex Newport and Bryce Goggin — released this October) and indie-folk rockers Lucinda Black Bear (Deli Magazine – Top 3 Indie Folk Artist in 2010 and Paper Spaceship’s Top 11 Brooklyn Bands to See in 2011 and just finished a very successful European tour).

    You can learn more about us and Chasson here:
    Gracie Management

    Recent articles/features on Chasson below:
    Brainiac (Brain of BMW)

    N The Background

    Here are some videos of Chasson talking about strategy:

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Paul, Publicity Associate
    Gracie Management

  10. I thought this section sent a private message to you! Sorry — previous email about Chasson is not meant to be on display — just for you.

    July, 21 2011 – 9AM
    After a long delay Black metal documentary “Out of the Black” releases Lineup

    After a 9 month delay fraught with production delays and financial woes the long awaited Black metal documentary, titled, “Out of the Black” is back on track. The producers of the project plan on making a full independent release sometime in the Fall or Winter of 2011. The project will partially focus on the roots of Black metal and the influence of American Death metal and Thrash.
    Executive Producer, Will Shackleford said “it’s almost like this production is cursed. We have had every single kind of issue you could think of; personal, professional, you name it, it’s happened”. Shackleford, a political blogger and lead guitarist – vocalist for the Christian Black metal band Inchained, says the production seems to be back on track. “I hope we are in the home stretch with this thing. We shifted the original focus a bit and concentrated, partially, on the opinions of those outside of the Black metal scene. We interviewed some of the godfathers of Death metal and Thrash to get their opinion on the origins of the sound of Black metal.”
    Death of Desire guitarist Pablo C. Vergara ‘A.K.A – Morbid’, who also serves as a Co-Producer for the project added “I’d like to say that I am proud to be a part of this film, not only did I have the chance to meet with real extreme Black metal bands on the West Coast of the U.S., but I also had the opportunity of co-direct this movie along with Stefan Rydehed and William Shackleford, both talented filmmakers.” “We never really stopped working, this kind of project takes some time in the making, especially since all 3 directors were working in different states and even separate continents.“
    Morbid’s Black metal project Death of Desire, which features Hell Hammer on percussion and plans on adding Wes Cage, A.K.A Arcane, on Keyboards, have completed their first full length album ‘ANTIhuman’ and we’ll be releasing it worldwide in the near future.
    Co-Producer, and Artistic Director for the project is Swedish Producer Stefan Rydehed of the Pure Fucking Mayhem documentary and other works.
    The project will also feature Weston Cage, A.K.A – Arcane, of Eyes of Noctum and Death of Desire. The producers say they will focus on the music of Eyes of Noctum not his recent legal woes.
    The documentary will feature: (Crimson Moonlight) – Simon “Pilgrim Beastarius” Rosén, (Domgård) – Grim Vindkall, (Cannibal Corpse) – George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, Alex Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz, (Exodus) – Gary Holt, Rob Dukes, (Svarttjern) – HansFurste, (Nader Sadek – Ex- Morbid Angel) – Steve Tucker, (Eyes of Noctum) – Weston Cage, (Death of Desire) – Morbid, Dawn Desiree, (Deicide, Order of Ennead) – Steve Asheim.
    For a complete lineup, updates and news please visit the Out of the Black Facebook page below.

  12. I am writing you today to inform you about a band from Cleveland, Ohio who will soon be going into studio to record their debut album. I firmly believe, along with a couple of other accomplished individuals (producers/A&R) from this industry, that this band will be the next major and national act out of Cleveland.

    I am interested in discussing some more specifics with you and it would be appreciated if you contact me via email when the time presents itself. My intention is to set up a time to speak with directly.

    The Rock and Roll capital of the world, namely Cleveland, Ohio, has given birth to a rock band named MyTh and Company.

    MyTh and Company has undeniably restored “Rock and Roll” back into todays music scene, a music scene that has lacked real artistic integrity for far to long. This unique band has a melodically moving sound that is ear gripping!

    They are truly a breath of fresh-air for the “Rock and Roll” music industry, to its supported fans, and to the music enthusiast.

    MyTh and Company, a power trio, are a throw-back to the music of the 1960s an era where not only new music was being created and experimented with, but where authentic “Rock and Roll” music was being produced.

    Robin Hunter
    MyTh and Company

  13. Hello there, I have a website called AllWhatsRock which also focuses on rock music, just like yours. Maybe we could become link partners. By link partners, I mean I place a link to in the sidebar of AllWhatsRock and you place a link to in the sidebar of The Rock and Roll Report. This will help both of us receive more traffic.

    Kind Regards

  14. I was reaching out to see if I could interest you in checking out some new powerpop from Los Angeles. I am in a band called The Boulevard Beat. Our influences are many, and wide ranging but a few of the particulars would be the Incredible Kidda Band, Artful Dodger, Crash Street Kids, 20/20 and the Nerves. Thanks for your time, hopefully I hear a response from you soon!

  15. CD Review Submission:

    Band: Far from The Tree??
    Album: You’ve Crashed Your Only Vessel


    Just wanting to submit a new release from our band for review. Please take a listen and let me know what you think.

    Full song length previews here:

    Our Info:

    Band Name : Far From The Tree
    Contact Email :
    Location : Winter Springs, FL

    Band Website :
    Band MySpace :
    Band Facebook :
    Band Youtube :
    Links to CDs/Merchandise:,

    Descriptive paragraph/bio-

    For Fans Of: Attack, Attack!, Avenged Sevenfold, The Devil Wears Prada

    Orchestral and synth infused Post-hardcore with a production pedigree including Joe Rodriguez (producer/guitar) and James Paul Wisner- mixing (Paramore, Underoath, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy Is…). Heavy riffs, breakdowns, screaming and melodic vocals with a musical breadth & maturity uncommon to the genre.

    Highlights are “This Room Is More Than Soundproof” and “Do You Believe In Angels?”

    Interesting trivia: Guitarist/Producer Joe Rodriguez has been the guitarist for the past 13 years of 80’s iconic New Wave band A Flock of Seagulls


    Joe Rodriguez
    Guitarist, Producer,
    Remixer, Blah, blah…
    A Flock of Seagulls
    Far From The Tree

    Tanger Outlets at the Arches is offering a unique opportunity showcase your talents on one of the biggest stages of the summer! One artist/group/band will have the chance to open up September 10th for the new international sensation Far East Movement performing as part of Tanger Sounds of Summer Concert Series.
    Musical artists can submit their videos online through August 11th at the Tanger Arches’ Facebook page:
    Entries will only be accepted through August 11, 2011, so act quickly and let your voice be heard! Once entries are closed, voting will begin; 3 finalists will be selected to perform on September 10th where a winner will be chosen to open up for new international sensation Far East Movement.

    The Hottest Reasons to Enter to Win the Rock Your Style Contest:
    • Winning video performer will be in the spotlight September 10th as the opening act for a leading national performer, Far East Movement.
    • Your performance will be featured on Now 92.3 and Fresh 102.7 as New York’s hottest rising talent – as well as on Facebook and other media partner sites.
    • Winner also receives $5,000 cash & $1000 Tanger Outlet at The Arches shopping spree for a new headline wardrobe
    Visit Tanger Outlets at The Arches online at

  17. Hello,

    I’d like to connect about partnering your blog with the network my company manages. We manage the local environments of various music publications and wanted to feature your blog on the pages of When is the best time to connect? Do you have time this week?

    Thank You,


  18. My name is Lauren and I work for SnagFilms We are an online library of over 2,100 films, all which are free to watch and can be easily embedded and/or linked onto sites. I would like to bring your attention to a film called Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everybody Talkin About Him), which explores the interesting life and career of the singer/songwriter, and his relationship with many people including John Lennon of the Beatles. This film will only be available for free on SnagFilms until August 19 as a part of our SummerFest, so please feel free take advantage of this great opportunity by spreading the word about this film on your site and/or network. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you decide to use the film.

    Thank You

  19. Hi there Good People of Rock n Roll Report ,

    I hope your all well. The nice people over at Ariel Publicty recently sent over to you a link for my profile, I’m stopping by to give you a nudge and a wink to take a look. Also if there’s anything i can do please do not hesitate to get in touch. Looking foward to hearing from you. If you have not got the link please try Don’t forget to login and download the tracks for promotional use.

    Many thanks and best wishes,


    “adrenaline-rushing, soul-soothing literate power pop that’s passionate, hook-heavy and raw”

  20. Hello,

    My name is Dusty Donley. I got your contact info through the Indie Bible and I’m interested in possibly getting my band’s album reviewed on The Rock and Roll Report. We have a 90’s grunge meets southern rock kind of sound with a whole lot of groove thrown in for good measure. We’re also just two guys making all this racket…

    If you’re interested, I have several ways I can get the music to you. If you’re kind enough to provide me with your contact information, I can send you a disc through snail mail. If you prefer the digital route, I also have a .rar file of the album, ripped at 320 Kbps I can send you. And, if none of the above suits you, we also have the entire album streaming for free on our Bandcamp page.

    Thanks for your time,

    Dusty Donley, Mississippi Bones

  21. Dear Rock and Roll Report,

    I love your emphasis on the passion in rock and roll, and I feel like a lot of people have forgotten that passion and emotion is what music is all about. When I write my songs, I don’t just piece together notes that sound good to me. I flood each measure pouring my heart out–as a kind of diary for me. Each song I write has a specific time of my life encoded into it. I can go back yrs and listen to a song I wrote and feel like I did when I wrote it. Music is my diary.

    The problem is, I have no band. Even if I did I have no time for them, I work 80 hrs a week and still have to juggle time with my friends family and fiancee, though I manage to still write albeit its a slow process.

    I’m looking for a way to speed up this process, to reach out to someone who will give me aand my music a fair chance. You said in your “About Rock and Roll Report” section of your website here, that you try and help those who get the short end of the rock and roll stick. will you at the least allow me to send you a homemade demo and give it a good listening to?

    Thank you for your time.

    -Ben Jablonski

  22. Hi

    I’m the singer/songwriter of the french band « At dawn we are Kings »,
    we just released our first E.P. a few month ago and I’m now looking for gigs in England.
    Some of my songs are played on Manchester Radio Online by Paul Ripley so it seems that my music could find its audience here .

    So I join a link to listen and download my songs,tell me what you think about it when you got the time;)

    Cheers from France.


  23. MUSIC SUBMISSION: Mummy Short Arms – Change

    Mummy Short Arms
    Flowers In The Dustbin records
    14th Nov 2011

    Following hot on the heels of a debut single which gained reviews using words like “genius” and “pure alternative perfection” Glasgow based band Mummy Short Arms release their second single, a maverick slice of melody entitled ‘Change’. Reviewers have compared the band to Captain Beefheart, the Velvet Underground and Tom Waits. The single is out 14th Nov on limited edition vinyl replica cd and download. One listen and you too may become addicted to their surreal charm! You can hear both tracks from the single here:

    We’d be happy to send you download links, more information, mp3’s, a copy of the single.


    “Genius!” 10/10 Loud Horizon

    “Imagination, it would seem, is back in fashion.” 5/5 Bluesbunny

    “Imagine Captain Beefheart fighting Salvador Dali with a full set of musical instruments and a goodly pile of magic mushrooms.” The Mad Mackerel

    “The most unique musical voice that’s been witnessed in a long, long time.” Dead Earnest

    “pure alternative perfection” Can You Hear This

    “Like a really amped up Dylan singing over the tightest and coolest backing band around.” A Pocket Full of Seeds

    “Exactly the type of song I want to hear on the radio.” Scots Whay Hae

    “I am always banging on about wanting to hear something original. Well I guess it’s safe to say that this is like nothing else that’s going on in Scotland at the moment.” Peenko

    tour dates coming very soon!


    James Allan (voc), Stu Brown (gtr), Fraser Gillies (gtr),
    Cammy Findlay (bass), Craig Brown (rhythm gtr / percussion),
    Dean McClure (synth), Gary Pinkerton (drums)

    1. Change 2. Where’s The Mortuary?

    Stephen McKee, Flowers In The Dustbin
    07766 134 269


    Flowers In The Dustbin

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