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Cool Podcast Alert! The Indie Launchpad

While preparing my upcoming brand-spanking new podcast I have been an avid reader of Podcast User magazine and one of the frequent contributors is Colin Meeks who puts together an excellent podcast called Indie Launchpad. I’ll let Colin describe Indie Launchpad:

There is an absolute ton of excellent music in the world, but relatively few good outlets. For several years, radios have been satisfied to pump out the same old stuff and people are getting sick of it, I certainly am. In the last year, Podcasting has seen a huge explosion of awareness for many independent musicians, but for all the podcasts out there, there’s still a miniscule amount of the population actually listening to them. Indie Launchpad was launched to provide a place to showcase some of the talent that is around today. We aim to bring you many different kinds of music and hopefully introduce you to bands and artists, you otherwise would never hear of. Every band and artist featured on Indie Launchpad will have been individually reviewed and assessed. Although musical tastes are very subjective, we’ll at least give you our personal opinion, which over time will hopefully help make your own selections.

The site and podcast together provide a wealth of very cool music information and stuff to listen to and Colin’s dedication to the indie ethos is commendable.  A great listen and a regular on my iPod.