Record Labels

Cool Record Label Spotlight: Bhurr Records

100% Canadian owned, Bhurr Records is the home to some very cool Canadian bands including two of my personal favorites, Galore and Crash Kelly (who are of to LA to record their new record with Gilby Clarke once again producing).

According to their site, Bhurr Records is most interested “in exploring the Alternative, Garage, Power Pop and last, but by no means least, Rock n Roll genres.” Using just the examples of Crash Kelly and Galore, they are a beacon of quality rock and roll in a field crowded often times crowded with mediocrity. The lable is part of RCD Music, a full service management firm that has “has worked with more than 100 Artists, produced more than 500 events at venues across Canada, licensed music for foreign distribution, placed music in film and television shows and developed corporate marketing programs that bring Bands and Brands together.”

Check out their music store to order any one of their quality releases.