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Cool Record Label Spotlight: Idol Records

idol-records.JPGBased out of Dallas, Texas, Idol Records is a very cool record label with bucket loads of attitude and the bands to back it up. When I first heard the Idol Records band The Fags, I instantly became a fan as their Cheap Trick on steroids rock and roll swagger won me over song after song after song. Having recently signed Glen Reynolds to the fold, Idol Records boasts the aforementioned Fags and Reynolds in addition to Black Tie Dynasty, Mitra, PPT, Sponge, Watershed, Flickerstick and more. To whet your appetite, check out these cool MP3s:

The Fags: Truly, Truly

Black Tie Dynasty: I Like U

Mitra: Crucifixed

More can be found on their Audio page or check out their MySpace page for more music.