Cool Site Alert: A Biased History of U.K. Glam Rock

I remember when I first heard about David Bowie. Now remember the distinction between heard “about” and “heard.” Being a die hard heavy rock and roll, Black Sabbath meets Deep Purple in the basement for a smoke and a beer kind of guy, I thought Bowie was a tad too “weird” for me. I mean Jimmy Page could run around with 13 year old groupies but David Bowie wore an outfit on stage with three hands, and only two of them covered his nipples! I mean gimme a break. Finally at a party I head “Suffragette City” and could not believe that that was David Bowie. Next thing I know I’m buying “ChangiesOneBowie” and having a grand old time. Now, I was never a real glam fanatic but I did like Sweet as “Ballroom Blitz” was the unofficial anthem of me and my friends so I was not and still am not indifferent to the charms of glam and that is why I really enjoyed discovering a very cool and very well researched site called “A Biased History of UK Glam Rock.” This site is extremely well put together and the pictures will have you doubled up in laughter or stunned into silence but the the bottom line as the author so justly pointed out was beneth the cocaine glitz and platform boots this was rock and roll through and through and to deny its’ influence on rock and roll, especially punk, is to deny glam its’ due. Excellent and fun site. Put on your gold cod piece and silver wig, crank up T Rex and take it for a spin. Turn it on, bang your gong….