Cool Site Alert: Borderline Books

Borderline publishes 4 very cool books that are also accessible on line. “The Tapestry of Delights” covers “British Beat, R&B, Psychedelic, and Progressive Rock” from 1963-1976. “Fuzz, Acid and Flowers” pulls together “American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie Music” from 1964-1975. “Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares” takes care of “Canadian, Australasian and Latin American Rock and Pop” from 1963-1975. Finally “Adrift in the Ether” deals with “The Current State of the British Underground.” Click on the cover of any of these books and prepare to get lost in rock and roll esoterica! Let the good times roll.
UPDATE! As of approximately the beginning of May 2004 the site for Borderline Books has been down. The owners are aware of the situation and are working to fix the problem. Just keep checking. It should be back up soon.
UPDATE #2 Unitl they get their site back up you can use this alternate link (


  1. I really miss access to the “Fuzz Acid” site. Will that be available again anytime in the near future?????????

  2. I believe the problem that they are having is that they neglected to renew their domain name so it might take a little bit of time to get everything straightened out but they should be back online soon.

  3. Doesn’t seem like a huge problem to overcome and it’s been a month already – help! Does anyone have any concrete news on what the status of this is??? I was using this site VERY regularly, and I can’t afford to buy the books right now…

  4. I have tried to access Borderline and they are still offline. The alternative link you provided says that site has also been taken offline. Is there any news of what has happened. Even a Google doesn’t show much. I would appreciate a reply.

    Trevor Hoare

  5. There have been several clone sites for Borderline books, and all have been taken down at the request of the author. I’d really like to know what’s going on. I’d really like the author to reactivate the site if possible. Of course, he doesn’t have to, but it would be a great service to fans of the music. plus I’d like access to where to buy the cd rom versions of the books again so I don’t have to do without these things.

  6. Vernon owes me a CD-rom from around 2 years ago, so don’t hold your breath. He never answered ANY emails, but gladly banked my money. And now he wants to protect his copyright.

  7. ok look around the torrent sites for borderlinebooks, you will find it if you take some time, has everybook you will need and more, hopefully the site will be back up someday, but its been way to long.

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