Cool Site Alert: H(ear) and Track

The mind of Carson Arnold has produced two excellent sites that I recommend for your reading enjoyment. H(ear) is subtitled “Music Writing by Carson Arnold” and is such a fun and involved read that after about an hour you need to take a break, think about the things that he wrote about before diving back in to see where he winds his way next. Simply put, this guy can write and it is a joy to read, although I ended up printing out a bunch of his stuff and then curled up on the couch with no distractions so I could really sink my teeth into it. Track are his music reviews and again the writing really flows with a format that is familiar yet quite original. He makes you think while you read so take your time to enjoy it. Great original stuff so check it out now. You won’t be disappointed and you can subscribe to receive his weekly missives so you’re guaranteed not to miss any of the fun. Thanks Carson.