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Cool Tours: Pearl Jam & R.E.M.

Two tours making their way around the world look really great in my mind. The first one is Pearl Jam with the reformed Buzzcocks opening up for them on some dates. I’ve always been a big fan of Pearl Jam and have just recently gotten in to the Buzzcocks. Did I see them when they came to Montreal. Uhh no. Why? I’m an idiot. They wind up their current tour this weekend with 3 shows in Mexico while the Buzzcocks have gone their separate way and will be winding up their tour in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. Pearl Jam will be releasing a CD of rarities this fall.
R.E.M. are currently in Europe kicking up a storm and they are looking great on this tour. They told the press that they had rehearsed over 75 tunes for this trek and they have already played 48 different songs, including “Permanent Vacation” a song that they used to play when they first formed in 1980-81and have never officially recorded! They hit North America in August and will be embarking on an even bigger tour next year behind a new studio album. Go see them if you can. They will have a greatest hits out October 28th.