Could the Future of Radio Be Found Online?

Over the last couple of months writing The Rock and Roll Report I have highlighted some incredible radio stations playing exciting, eclectic and allways fun rock and roll. A lot of these stations are affiliated with colleges and universities, some of them are non-commercial listener sponsored and a great number of them are increasingly ‘Net based webcasters run by music fans for music fans. Could this be the wave of the future, the weapon to increase radio diversity and bring rock and roll fun back to the airwaves? The Boston Globe article “Online radio adds to voices, choices: Amateurs gain worldwide reach” seems to think so and I would tend to side with them on this one. The Internet opens up the world to the dedicated webcaster and as I am learning everyday, rock and roll fans who are craving the real stuff are often turning to the ‘Net for their rock ‘n’ roll fix and the results so far have been quite positive. A station like Turn Me On Deadman, or Technicolor Web of Sound or Power Pop Radio are perfect examples of what you can find out there if you take the time to look. The choices are staggering, so much so that I am attempting to put together a Global Rock and Roll Radio Guide to help everybody find their own piece of rock and roll radio nirvana. Look for it hopefully early in the new year. All contributions in the form of tips, hints and web site addresses will be gratefully accepted. With this growth of quality online radio comes some exciting mobile ‘Net access developments in MP3 players and Palms and Pocket PCs that will soon allow you to take ‘Net radio with you anywhere you go once and for all breaking down the barrier between you and the great online rock and roll that you crave. The one thing that we can do now is encourage our favourite stations any way we can and truly enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully this kind of radio will last longer than the FM boom ushered in during the late ’60s and that seems sadly played out by now, spent of all artistic daring, at least in North America. But don’t lose all hope for quality rock and roll on the FM band. It’s still being made in little corners of the radiosphere and I am here to point you in its direction since we’re all in it for the music right? Right. Crank up the speakers and join the revolution baby. You have nothing to lose but your sleep.

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