Could this be the start of a “dirty rock” revolution?

Slash of the ultra-hyped new band Velvet Revolver talks about what he hopes the band can accomplish in Velvet Revolver Get Back to the Dirty Rock on Chart Attack:
It’ll be interesting to see if it starts some sort of fad. I don’t know how that works, but I know the environment we provide is more of a high energy bohemian kind of thing. People should get a kick out of it because they haven’t seen us for a while but you can take it or leave it. We’re not a throwback to other bands — or trying to reinvent the wheel in regards to bands we were in before, but it has something of an old school element as compared to what’s going on (in music) now.” As long as everybody can stay out of trouble this could mark the re-birth of hard rock in the mainstream (again). No complaints here.