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David Bash’s Favorites of 2006

David Bash knows his rock and roll. As a long time music journalist and the creative force behind the International Pop Overthrow festivals, he lives and breaths rock and roll. So every year I like to post his “Best of” list for the year because it is always a handy thing to have when trying to decide on which CDs to buy this week. Check it out and take notes. I interviewed David last year so if you are not aware of the man you can read the interview here.

Favorite Albums of 2006

Contemporary Categories

I. Top 100 Albums

1. Chris Brown-Now That You’re Fed (Self-Released)
2. The Nines-Calling Distance Stations (Self-Released
3. Mellowmen-Tomorrow’s Sound Today (Self-Released)
4. The Green And Yellow TV-Sinister Barrier (Records Records)
5. The Winnerys-Daily Urban Times (Rainbow Quartz)
6. Roger Manning-Solid State Warrior (Pony Canyon)
7. The Mayflowers-Pop A Doodle Doo? (Wizzard In Vinyl)
8. The Sexies-Midnight Raving Angels (Self-Released)
9. Nigel Clark-21st Century Man (Hijack)
10. The Anderson Council-The Fall Parade (Groove Disques)
11. The Junior League-Catchy (Self-Released)
12. Linus of Hollywood-Triangle (Franklin Castle)
13. Nelson Bragg-Day Into Night (Side B Music)
14. Marykate O’Neil-1-800-Bankrupt (Self-Released)
15. The Feeling-Twelve Stops and Home (Universal)
16. The Adored-A New Language (V2)
17. Evan Hillhouse-Evan Hillhouse (Striped Rock)
18. Blue Cartoon-September Songs (Aardvark)
19. The Capitol Years-Dance Away The Terror (Park The Van)
20. Household Names-Picture In My Head (Self-Released)
21. Monkeeman-Monkeeman (El Muto)
22. The Corner Laughers-Tomb of Leopards (Sandbox)
23. The Handcuffs-Model for a Revolution (OOFL)
24. The Now People-The Last Great 20th Century Love Affair (Bird Song)
25. The Skies of America-Shine (National Recorder)
26. Vanilla-Vanilla (Charlatan)
27. The Vinyl Skyway-From Telegraph Hill (Self-Released)
28. The Higher State-From ‘Round Here (Teen Sound)
29. Cheap Trick-Rockford (Big 3)
30. Shy Nobleman-Beautiful Life (Noble Tunes)
31. The Bees (U.S.)-High Society (Self –Released)
32. Feel-Steps To Reach A Human (West American)
33. Silver Sun-Dad’s Weird Dream (Excellent)
34. Ed James-…In The 21st Century (Jam)
35. The Lightyears-Mission Creep (Self-Released)
36. L.E.O.-Alpacas Orgling (Cheap Lullaby)
37. The Tearaways-Beat Yer Own Mersey (Fried)
38. Bowling for Soup-The Great Burrito Extortion Case (Zomba)
39. Beagle Hat-Magical Hat (Marquis Inc)
40. The Ronelles-Hotel (Neon Tetra)
41. Daniel Saturn-Lakehill Soccer Association (Self-Released)
42. Supraluxe-Supraluxe (Self-Released)
43. Deleted Waveform Gatherings-Complicated View (Big Dipper)
44. The Royal Purple-Transcendental Medication (Umbrella)
45. The Ladies & Gentlemen –Ladies and Gentlemen… (Self-Released)
46. The Martial Arts-Your Sinclair (Groover)
47. The Pipettes-We Are The Pipettes (Memphis Industries)
48. AlternativA-A Night in Starlight (Alternative Light)
49. Fresh Mowed Lawn-Fresh Mowed Lawn (Not Lame)
50. Semion-Help Me I Work In An Office (Self-Released)
51. Swims-Ride Of The Blueberry Winter (Prison Jazz)
52. Cloud 11-Sweet Happy Life (Kool Kat Musik)
53. The Oohs-Llama Lamp (Oohszone Layer Records)
54. Rainy Day Saints-Diamond Star Highway (Get Hip)
55. The Hazey Janes-Hotel Radio (Measured)
56. Peter Murray-Ants and Angels (Junction Triangle)
57. Stingray Green-Hard Numbers (Self-Released)
58. The Innocents-Pop Factory (Zip)
59. Solo-SoloPeople (Excelsior)
60. The Safes-Well Well Well (O’Brother’s)
61. Wisely-Parador (Not Lame)
62. The Silver Lining- Well-Dressed Blues (Self-Released)
63. The Scheme-Sunset on a Daydream (Sodapop)
64. The Wallstones-Pleasure and Pain (Mariann)
65. Caddy-Go Slow (Jasrac)
66. The Bellyachers-200 Lucky Feet Move The Dragon (Craftphonic)
67. Phamous Phaces-Spider Ball (Bink!)
68. Phil Angotti-East Side Soul (Jam)
69. The Naomi Star-Sunshine Girl (Pleides)
70. The Goldbergs-Hooks, Lines, & Sinkers (Self-Released)
71. The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau-What If It Works? (125)
72. Edmund’s Crown-Regrets of a Company Man (Self-Released)
73. Jaimie Vernon-Time Enough At Last (Bullseye)
74. Twinklehead-Twinklehead (Division)
75. Lolas-Doctor Apache (Wizzard In Vinyl)
76. Puffy AmiYumi-Splurge… (Tofu)
77. Drake Bell-It’s Only Time (Universal Motown)
78. The Men-Return (Self-Released)
79. Peter Berry & the Shake Set-Wildberry Shake! (Teen Sound)
80. The Sheers-Goodbye World (Self-Released)
81. The Sails-The Sails (Rainbow Quartz)
82. Marty Rudnick-More Songs About Cars And Girls (Sandbox)
83. Dog Age-Reefy Seadragon (Rainbow Quartz)
84. The Vinyltones-Memoirs of a Songbook (Self-Released)
85. PoP is ArT-Epiphany (Self-Released)
86. Magneto-Resistance Is Futile (Popboomerang)
87. The Alice Rose-Phonographic Memory (Self-Released)
88. Doug Powell-Four Seasons (Paisley Pop)
89. The Oranges-Teen Rock (Wizzard In Vinyl)
90. The Kickbacks-Motel Stars (Peeled Label)
91. Lane Steinberg-The Return of Noel Coward’s Ghost (Cheft)
92. Junebug-3rd (Planet 8)
93. Andrea Perry-Rivers of Stars (Self-Released)
94. The Shake-Trippin’ The Whole Colourful World (Florynata)
95. Tom Petty-Highway Companion (American)
96. Leave-I’d Rather Not Say (Self-Released)
97. The Shut-Ups-The Stud Album (Self-Released)
98. The Stabilisers-Wanna Do The Wild Plastic Brane Love Thang? (Acid Jazz)
99. The Asteroid #4-An Amazing Dream (Rainbow Quartz)
100. DollSquad-The Rock ‘n’ Doll Sound Of…(Teen Sound)

II. Top Compilations-Single Artists

1. Spinning Jennies-Full Volume: The Best Of Spinning Jennies (Cool Buzz)
2. Smash Palace-Best Of ’99-’06 (Zip)
3. Martin Gordon-How Am I Doing So Far? (Radiant Future)
4. Paste (Swe)-10 Years Of ‘Waste’ (Dead Frog)
5. Andrew-33: The Best of Andrew (Hanky Panky)

III. Top Compilations-Various Artists

1. International Pop Overthrow, Volume 9 (Not Lame)
2. Dana & Carl Present: “This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio” Vol. 2 (Jam)
3. Grass Is Always Greener (On The Other Side)-Get Hip Records Sampler (Get Hip)
4. Today Is Just Tomorrow’s Yesterday Volume 3 (Teen Sound)
5. Hi-Fi Christmas Party Volume 2 (Vandalay)

IV. Top Covers Discs

1. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs-Under The Covers Vol. 1 (Shout Factory)
2. The Lolas-Let’s Rock, Rave and Shout With The Lolas! (Wizzard In Vinyl)
3. Michael Carpenter-Soop #2 (Big Radio)

V. Albums From 2007 I’ve Heard and Really Like In alphabetical order)

Adam Daniel-The 4-Track Demos
The Orchid Highway-The Orchid Highway
The Red Button-She’s About To Cross My Mind
The Scruffs-Pop Manifesto

VI. Biggest Disappointment

The Gurus-The Swing Of Things (Rainbow Quartz)

VII. Most Overrated Album

The Raconteurs-Broken Boy Soldiers (V2)

Reissue Categories

I. Top 75 Proper Albums

1. Don & The Goodtimes-So Good (Rev-ola)
2. Billy Nicholls-Would You Believe (Deluxe Edition) (Sanctuary)
3. The Small Faces-Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (Deluxe Edition) (Sanctuary)
4. The Moody Blues-Days Of Future Passed (Deluxe Edition) (Deram)
5. The Association-And Then Along Comes The Association (Collector’s Choice)
6. Sparks-Propaganda (Universal Island)
7. Abba-Arrival (Deluxe Edition) (Polar)
8. The Monkees-More Of The Monkees (Deluxe Edition) (Rhino)
9. Mortimer-Mortimer (Rev-ola)
10. Dana Gillespie-Foolish Seasons (Rev-ola)
11. The Twilights-Once Upon A Twilight (Aztec Music)
12. The Beach Boys-Pet Sounds: 40th Anniversary Edition (Capitol)
13. The Moody Blues-To Our Children’s Children’s Children (Deluxe Edition) (Deram)
14. The Toms-Simplicity (Not Lame)
15. John Cale-Paris 1919 (Rhino UK)
16. Electric Light Orchestra-On The Third Day (Epic/Legacy)
17. The Five Americans-Progressions (Sundazed)
18. Del Shannon-Home & Away (EMI)
19. The Motors-Approved By The Motors (Virgin)
20. Nazz-Nazz (Sanctuary)
21. The Clique-Sugar On Sunday: The Definitive Collection (Rev-ola)
22. The Association-Waterbeds In Trinidad (Sony Japan)
23. The Lilac Time-And Love for All (Mercury)
24. Electric Light Orchestra-Face The Music (Epic/Legacy)
25. Electric Light Orchestra—A New World Record (Epic/Legacy)
26. Love Affair-The Everlasting Love Affair (Repertoire)
27. Picadilly Line-The Huge World Of Emily Small (Lightning Tree)
28. The Herd-Paradise Lost (Air Mail)
29. Sparks-Kimono My House (Universal)
30. Dave Edmunds-Subtle as a Flying Mallet (Acadia)
31. Octopus-Restless Night (Rev-ola)
32. Tommy Hoehn-Losing You To Sleep (Air Mail)
33. Blue Magic-Blue Magic (Collectables)
34. Tudor Lodge-Tudor Lodge (Repertoire)
35. Cheap Trick-Dream Police (Epic/Legacy)
36. Reg King-Reg King (Circle)
37. The Tickets-The Tickets (Brewery)
38. The Flame-The Flame (Fallout)
39. Chad & Jeremy-The Ark (Sundazed)
40. The Jam-All Mod Cons (Deluxe Edition) (Universal)
41. Split Enz-Frenzy (Warner Australia)
42. Spirit-The Original Potato Land (Acadia)
43. The Love Generation-Montage (EMI Japan)
44. The Moody Blues-On The Threshold Of A Dream (Deluxe Edition) (Deram)
45. Renaissance-Ashes Are Burning (Repertoire)
46. Lynsey De Paul-Surprise (Air Mail)
47. Tommy Roe-It’s Now Winters Day (Fallout)
48. The Archies-The Archies (Repertoire)
49. George Harrison-Living In The Material World (Apple)
50. Andy Pratt-Records Are Like Life (It’s About Music)
51. The Monkees-The Monkees (Deluxe Edition) (Rhino)
52. Kaleidoscope-Tangerine Dream (Repertoire)
53. Fickle Pickle-Sinful Skinful (Sanctuary)
54. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich-Together (Repertoire)
55. The Jigsaw Seen-My Name Is Tom (Vibro-Phonic)
56. Small Faces-Small Faces: 40th Anniversary Edition (Decca)
57. Status Quo-1982 (Mercury)
58. The Goldebriars-Straight Ahead (Collector’s Choice)
59. Dando Shaft-Dando Shaft (Repertoire)
60. Stephen Duffy-Duffy (Sony/BMG)
61. The Moody Blues-In Search Of The Lost Chord (Deluxe Edition) (Deram)
62. Matthew Sweet-Girlfriend (Volcano/Legacy)
63. July-July (Air Mail)
64. The La De Das-The Happy Prince (EMI)
65. The Five Americans-Western Union (Sundazed)
66. Sneakers-Nonsequitor Of Silence (Collector’s Choice)
67. The World Of Oz-The World Of Oz-Repertoire
68. Jackie DeShannon-Laurel Canyon (RPM)
69. Slade-Slayed? (Salvo)
70. Fresh Maggots-Hatched (Sunbeam)
71. Wizzard-Wizzard Brew (EMI)
72. Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra-Blooming Hits (Collector’s Choice)
73. The Moody Blues-The Magnificent Moodies (Repertoire)
74. Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle (Capitol)
75. Thorinshield-Thorinshield (Fallout)

II. Top 9 Two-Fers (and Four-Fers): Proper Albums

1. Nazz Nazz Including Nazz III-The Fungo Bat Sessions (Sanctuary)
2. Al Green-The Legendary Hi Albums, Volume 1 (Edsel)
3. The Hollies-Hollies/Would You Believe? (EMI)
4. Marvin, Welch & Farrar-Marvin, Welch & Farrar/Second Opinion (BGO)
5. Slade-Beginnings/Play It Loud (Salvo)
6. Dwight Twilley-Twilley/Scuba Divers (Raven)
7. Al Green-The Legendary Hi Albums, Volume 2 (Edsel)
8. Andy Kim-How’d We Ever Get This Way/Rainbow Ride (Collector’s Choice)
9. Andy Kim-Baby I Love You/Andy Kim (Collector’s Choice)

III. Top 25 Compilations, Single Artist

1. Alan Carvell-All Mine: The Essential Collection (EM)
2. The Mirage-Tomorrow Never Knows: Singles & Lost Sessions 1966-1968 (RPM)
3. Turquoise-The Further Adventures Of Flossie Fillet: The Collected Recordings 1966-1969 (Rev-ola)
4. The Cowsills-Painting The Day (`el)
5. Flamin’ Groovies-At Full Speed: The Complete Sire Recordings (Rhino)
6. The Jam-Snap! (Polydor)
7. Lovin’ Spoonful-Singles As & Bs (Repertoire)
8. Brian Protheroe-Pinball and Other Stories (EMI)
9. The Rockin’ Berries-They’re In Town: The Pye Anthology (Sanctuary)
10. Electric Light Orchestra-The Harvest Years 1970-1973 (EMI)
11. Listen To The Sky: The Others/Sands/Sun Dragon-The Collected Recordings 1964-1973 (Rev-ola)
12. The Someloves-Don’t Talk About Us (Half A Cow)
13. The Byrds-Preflyte (Sundazed)
14. Dom Mariani-Shell Collection: Outtakes and Rarities 1988-2006 (Off The Hip)
15. The Rip Chords-Summer U.S.A.!: The Best Of (Sundazed)
16. Dollar-The Platinum Collection (Warner/Rhino)
17. The Knickerbockers-Rockin’! With The Knickerbockers (Sundazed)
18. Prelude-After The Gold Rush: The Dawn/Pye Anthology 1973-77 (Sanctuary)
19. The Humblebums-Please Sing A Song For Us: The Transatlatic Anthology (Sanctuary)
20. The Shivvers-Lost Hits From Milwaukee’s Firs Family Of Powerpop: 1979-1982 (Hyped To Death)
21. The Ivy League-Major League: The Pye/Piccadilly Anthology (Sanctuary)
22. The Attack-About Time! (RPM)
23. Chris Ife-Hush: Definitive Collection 1967-1973 (RPM)
24. Tucky Buzzard-Time Will Be Your Doctor: Rare Recordings 1971-1972 (Sanctuary)
25. David and Jonathan-David and Jonathan (RPM)

IV. Top 10 Compilations, Various Artists

1. Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era: 1965-1968 (Rhino)
2. An Apple A Day: More Pop-Psych Sounds From The Apple Era: 1967-1969 (RPM)
3. Shapes & Sounds: Orange & Red Beams From The BBC Archives: 1967-1969 (Top Sounds)
4. Joe Meek Freakbeat: You’re Holding Me Down (Sanctuary)
5. Temptation Eyes: The Price & Walsh Songbook (Rev-ola)
6. Garden Of Delights: A Folk Compilation (Sanctuary)
7. Mojo Psych Out! (Mojo)
8. That’s My Story-Words & Music By Tim Rice & Friends (Sunbeam)
9. Early Morning Hush-Notes From The U.K. Folk Underground 1969-1976 (Sanctuary)
10. Bored Teenagers Vol. 4: 18 Great British Punk Originals (’77-’82) (Bin Liner)

V. Top 3 Soundtracks

1. The Association-Goodbye Columbus (Collector’s Choice)
2. Pufnstuf-Original Soundtrack Album (`el)
3. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker-You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It (Or You’ll Lose That Beat) (‘el)

VI. Top 8 Box Sets: Single Artist

1. The Everly Brothers-Chained To A Memory (Bear Family)
2. The Bee Gees-The Studio Albums `967-1968 (Reprise)
3. The Beatles-The Capitol Albums Volume 2 (Apple)
4. The Byrds-There Is A Season (Columbia/Legacy)
5. Andy Partridge-Fuzzy Warbles Collector’s Album (Ape House)
6.The Walker Brothers-Everything Under The Sun (Universal)
7. Slade-The Slade Box: A 4CD Anthology 1969-1991 (Salvo)
8. Roxette-The Roxbox 86-06 (EMI)

VII: Top 6 Box Sets: Various Artists

1. The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 6: 1966 (Hip-O Select)
2. Forever Changing: The Golden Age Of Elektra Records: 1963-1973 (Elektra; CD)
3. The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 5: 1965 (Hip-O Select)
4. Anthems In Eden: An Anthology Of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978 (Sanctuary)
5. Rockin’ Bones: 1950s Punk & Rockabilly (Rhino)
6. Scarborough Fair: The Best Of English Folk (Sanctuary)