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David Bash’s Top 24 Favourite Contemporary Records from 2004

Here we go! Drum roll please! Here are the final 24 CDs that David Bash of International Pop Overthrow has picked as his favourites of 2004. The envelope please!

24. Rob Smith-Better World Tomorrow (Wizzard In Vinyl)

23. Jackdaw4-Gramophone Logic (369 Music)

22. Saucy Monky-Turbulence (OliveoiL)

21. Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror-Wake Up Captain (Parasol)

20. The Well Wishers-Twenty Four Seven
(Not Lame)

19. Jamie Hoover & Bill Lloyd-Paparazzi (Paisley Pop)

18. The Montgomerys-Unnatural Selection (Self-Released)

17. Honeydogs-10,000 Years (United Musicians)

16. Eugene Edwards-My Favorite Revolution (Tallboy)

15. The American Professionals-Fakin’ It (Ethic)

14. Green Day-American Idiot (Reprise)

13. The Uncle Devil Show-A Terrible Beauty (Compass)

12. Silver Sunshine-Silver Sunshine (Empyrean)

11. Tripsitter-California Son (Self-Released)

10. Edward Rogers-Sunday Fables (Not Lame)

9. The Bees-Free The Bees (Virgin)

8. The Gurus-The Gurus (Rainbow Quartz)

7. Lolas-Something You Oughta Know (Jam)

6. Magic Christian-Magic Christian (Repeat)

5. Raquel’s Boys-Music For The Girl You Love (Jam)

4. Bronco Bullfrog-Oak Apple Day (Rock Indiana)

3. Brian Wilson-Smile (Nonesuch)

2. The Embrooks-Yellow Glass Perspections (Munster)

1. The Grip Weeds-Giant On The Beach (Rainbow Quartz)

There you have it, all 125 of some of the best rock and roll of 2004. Get thee to a record store! And go to any IPO show you can! Thanks David.